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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

All cases against PML-N are false, if corruption is found I should be hanged: Shehbaz Sharif

PTI government is hiding its performance by diverting attention towards falsified cases said Shehbaz Shaif in a press conference today

Shehbaz Sharif in a press conference Wednesday said that no one talks about the money that PML-N saved through negotiations with companies in Punjab and Pakistan. He said that billions of rupees worth of money had been saved by him and the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in various projects done in Punjab, but everyone was concerned with corruption worth much less.

Allegations of PML-N completely false says Shehbaz

He said that the allegations on him, his brother, and PML-N were completely false. Prime minister Imran Khan according to him had saved himself and his allies by the ‘amnesty program.’ He said that there were money laundering cases against PTI members including Prime Minister Imran Khan that were ‘open and shut’ cases. Yet, no institution like FIA or the IB talked about these cases, where are they he asked.

He said that this government had destroyed the economy.

“This government has done to the economy what happened to all the victims of the Baldia Town factory fire. They will burn the economy like that.”

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If the State Bank and the Election commission reveal the data they have on cases of Imran Khan, he would not stay in the Prime Minister’s office for even a day, Shehbaz said.

“I am not ‘Doodh ka dhula huwa’ (washed with milk), but every kid in this country is witness to the fact that times were better with Nawaz Sharif”

What happened to the Malam Jabba inquiry or the Helicopter inquiry, he asked.

The wheat has disappeared, the sugar scandal was of their making, he said about the PTI provincial government in Punjab.

Prime Minister Imran Khan in May made the forensic report on the sugar prices public. His close aide Jahangir Tareen and allied partner from PML-Q Moonis Elahi, Omar Sheharyar, Omni Group and Sharif Group had been blamed for committing corporate frauds.

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The forensic report uncovered the gross misconduct by sugar industry in the form of under-reported sugar sales, sale of commodity to benamidar (unnamed) buyers, double booking, over-invoicing, under-invoiced sale of bagasse and molasses which resulted in cost inflation and many other corporate frauds had been detected in the transactions of sugar mills.

“If there is a single incidence of corruption found in Public funds during my tenure, even after I am dead you should dig me out and hang me.”

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