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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Shelter and food for everyone: PM Khan makes sure

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Prime Minister Khan has asked Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar to set up tents for the homeless people bound to sleep on footpaths in the harshness of weather.

In his post at Twitter PM Khan said,” I have asked CM Punjab to set up tents for people sleeping on footpaths and provide them food until the Panah Gahs (shelters) are built, as the weather is turning increasingly cold. Peshawar and Karachi spots [are] also being located.”

PM then shared picture of temporary tents being set-up in the Lahore. “Tents being setup in Lahore today as temporary Panah Gahs (shelters) for the homeless sleeping on the footpaths of the provincial capital”, he said.

The premier, earlier this month laid the foundation stone of a shelter home project, “Panah Gah” in Lahore.

“Today I laid the foundation for first of five shelters for the homeless in Lahore and one in Pindi to be followed by shelters in other cities. We are committed to building a social net for our poor citizens so everyone has a shelter over his/her head and access to health and education,” PM Khan announced.

PM Khan addressing the attendees of the ceremony said that the Panah Gah projects will be made centers of excellence, which will be overseen by a board of governors (BoG).

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A number of people in Lahore are coerced to spend nights at the footpaths in Lahore due to the poverty. These shelterless people are deprived of almost all necessities of life.  PM Khan, determined to alleviate poverty and empower the people launched the Panah Gah project that would help in the restoration of dignity, provide shelter and food to the needy.

The building would be based upon state of the art design with simplicity to improve its utility, besides availability of separate facilities to ensure the best usage of the place. It would also include multi-purpose halls for training and public awareness programs on vital social objectives for the long-term development of the society.