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Friday, April 12, 2024

Sherdil trailer: A true depiction of India-Pakistan recent aerial clash

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The official trailer of Mikaal Zulfikar’s upcoming movie Sherdil has been finally released. The trailer is thrilling and dramatic, to say the least.

The movie is a tribute to Pakistan Air Force and its ‘Sherdils’ fighter pilots. Showcasing the emotions of passion and determination to sacrifice their every bit for the country the trailer features a jostling dialogue that accurately sums up the plight of the armed forces.

“Yeh vardi mein chalte phirte log, aam se dikhte hain. Lekin waqt anay per, apna sab kuch qurbaan karne per raazi hojate hain. (These men in uniforms seem very ordinary. But in times of need, they are ready to sacrifice everything), “Samina Ahmed who plays an emotional grandmother says the in the movie.

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The plot of the story digs into a life of a fighter pilot and the various phases he climbs in his career. The trailer, featuring the glimpses of the movie, shows Mikaal Zulfikar undergoing a rigorous training after admitting into the Pakistan Air Force training academy.

Amid the serious plot of the story, Armeena Khan brings in the soft and romantic factor in the movie as she plays the love interest of Mikaal Zulfikar in the movie. The trailer also features a romantic number shot on the duo in which Armeena’s sari flowing in the winds of a sand dessert can be seen along with duo driving in an open-roof convertible and running on the beach in slow motion.

The last part of the movie introduces an Indian fighter pilot Arun Veerani. It also features some gushing moves of fighter jets in a supposed encounter with the enemies. Mikaal Zulfikar is seen flying fighter jets escaping a missile, and encountering enemies to avert a surgical strike.

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The clip ends with the dialogue, “If I don’t return, tell my father ‘ke shaheed Kabhi mara Nahi karte (Martyrs never die!)”

The movie is set to release on March 22nd that falls in perfect alignment with the ongoing tensions of India and Pakistan. The movie seems to be a true depiction of the recent real-life encounters that has held between Indian and Pakistani Air Force on the LoC Kashmir after Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian fighter jets that made repeated attempts to intrude into the airspace of Pakistan.