Sherry Rehman jumped on the bandwagon

Sherry Rehman blamed PTI government for bringing Pakistan economy on the verge of bankruptcy and named strict measures as "crisis management"

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Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman jumped on the bandwagon and blamed Imran Khan’s policies behind Pakistan’s position on the verge of bankruptcy. She claimed that current government is forced to accept the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) terms and conditions regarding budget.

During the debate on federal budget 2022-23, Ms. Sherry Rehman admitted that this is purely and undoubtedly an IMF budget.

All the lawmakers conformed with Ms. Sherry Rehman’s claim and criticized Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf regime and especially former prime minister Imran Khan for purportedly damaging the national economy.

She continued blaming the previous government and said that if this is an IMF budget then it was Imran’s government who tied knots with the IMF and led country towards default. She also said that was still looking for anarchy in the country after leaving the economy to its verge of collapse.

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The federal minister supported her party’s decision to form the government after deposing Imran Khan from the throne regardless of the realization that they would incur a high price in the next general election and warned that otherwise, the country would default just like Sri Lanka.

Moreover, strict measures taken by the current government were being named as “crisis management” by Ms. Sherry Rehman.  She said that no government ever wanted to create such hurdles for its public. On the other side, she also warned the nation to fasten their seatbelts as more strict decisions are on their way.

She repeatedly claimed that it was PTI who tied the current government to the strict IMF agreement and then breached it. It left the nation exposed to the whole multilateral financial system.

She also brought to the table that when PTI government took power, they claimed to end corruption. However, according to Transparency International Corruption Index, Pakistan ranks 140th as compared to its previous place at 117. Moreover, she accused Imran Khan of making false promises with the IMF, taking loans and spending large sums on unsustainable programs.

She tweeted, “They took Pakistan from 117 on Corruption Index of Transparency Intl ( whom they used to quote) to 140. When they had time they were busy crashing Pakistan’s airline, PIA, while they destroyed Pakistan’s economy & energy sector.”

She mentioned that over the past 70 years, various governments had negotiated about 23 IMF schemes while always attempting to place the least burden on the common man.