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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Shoaib Akhter reprimanded Indian journalist for mocking Pakistan cricket team

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Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Akhter chided Indian journalist for mocking Pakistan cricket team after encountering the defeat from Indian cricket team in Asia Cup.

The video on social media showed Shoaib Akhter appearing on an Indian TV channel. The TV channel had invited Shoaib Akhter as an analyst to comment on the defeat of Pakistan cricket team against India on September 19th. Shoaib Akhter was expected to be a part of the discussion ahead of the second match between India and Pakistan.

Shoaib Akhter while schooling the female anchorperson asked her to speak to him with respect since he respected her a lot. The female journalist tried to link the ongoing cleanliness campaign in India with India’s victory against Pakistan.

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“I don’t know what your name is, madam; but I respect you a lot. I can answer your questions only if you ask me with respect. I cannot understand terms like ‘dhulai’.”

The anchorperson then asked Shoaib Akhter not to lose his temper. She also rephrased her question and asked her to comment on the preparations of Pakistan cricket team ahead of the second encounter between arch-rivals India and Pakistan.

“Ask me such question and I will answer. You are not talking to a club cricketer from Haryana. Realize whom you are talking to,” said Akhtar.

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As the video made rounds on social media the Pakistanis were rejoiced to see the cricketer’s crispy response to the trolls. Soon the Twitter was abuzz with appreciation tweets. The people of Pakistan supported their team including legendary cricketers like Mushtaq Ahmed who came in defense of the team and reminded the previous victories achieved by the young Pakistani team.

Other cricketers like Muhammad Hafeez and Shahid Khan Afridi also requested people to avoid criticizing the team and skipper Sarfraz Ahmed for the defeat.