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Shocking: Zayn Malik is not a Muslim anymore

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The fans and followers have expressed utmost displeasure over British-Pakistani singer Zayn Malik’s admission of not calling himself a Muslim in the latest interview. The statement ensued a reaction from the people on social media while many were upset with the news, others “canceled” him.

Zayn Malik made his remarks during an interview with British Vogue Magazine. In an interview, he has said that religion is a personal matter between you and what you choose to believe, talking about it can lead to a lot of problems. He was then asked if he would call himself a Muslim, and he replied with “No I wouldn’t.”

Malik further added that he believed in the oneness of God but did not believe in the existence of Hell. He said he believed people would treat him well if he was going to treat them well.

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Interesting comments were posted on social media related to the news; while Muslim fans bashed the former One Direction singer others just expressed their surprise knowing Zayn Malik was a Muslim.

Earlier, this year, fans and followers were delighted to see the pictures of him and Gigi Hadid celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr together with his mother and sister. Gigi Hadid is a Palestinian supermodel. They both have been in a relationship for a considerable period of time.

While Zayn Malik is reluctant to call himself a Muslim, Gigi Hadid on the contrary strongly defends her Muslim identity. Several times she has raised her voice against Islamophobia, have protested against the genocide of Palestinians.

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Zayn Malik also opened about his relationship with his former One Direction bandmates in the interview. He said that “Snide comments” were made against him after he left the band and cited that been the reason for no longer being in contact with them.

“There are things that happen and things that were said after I left. Snide things. Small things that I would never have expected”, said Zayn Malik.

Zayn Malik will be gracing the covers of the British Vogue Magazine December issue.

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  1. With the way and manner majority of the Islamic comments prior to this guy not seeing himself as a Muslim show Islam lack tolerance, is Free world,while people are free to follow their choice of religion.

    • Yes, Islam is not tolerant according to your absurd standards. It is only tolerant for those who are Muslims. Islam is for loving and following Allah Almighty and His prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa S.A.W. Islam is not for proving to you ‘Murtads (Atheists)’ that hey please believe it, it is tolerant, it is good, it is peaceful. Islam will punish you if you drink in public and do extramarital sex being a Muslim. Islam will preclude you from spreading Fitnah. Why should the Muslims prove to you that Islam is peaceful? Why on earth are we obliged to do this? We are happy being Muslims, you shut up and focus on what you believe in, and wait for the day when you will be burned in the inferno. We, the Muslims, are not asked to prove to you that Islam is a true religion; we are only asked to convey the message of truth to Kafirs like you; changing hearts and giving hidayah is Allah’s prerogative. Our job is to tell you to join us in this brotherhood. In this connection, I am personally asking you to convert to Islam and be successful in the hereafter. Now, it is contingent upon your sweet will to choose and I am not concerned with whatever you choose. Goodluck!

  2. I used to be a huuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeeeee fan but I don’t know why he is no more a crush or perfect man for me cuz I consider him as the most perfect guy n even has his pictures as my wallpapers n even my keypad but I will stop stanning him if it will true bcz am still not believing😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. that means Islam is a religion of hatred? being a Muslim means you are going to heaven or what? please I need right person to answer me. but I know one thing for sure, if you are born a Muslim you will it the religion same with Christian.

    • No…Islam is not hatred religion…read Islam …many book available…then you can judge about Islam…being a Muslim is blessings…

  4. Dr lee, i dont know the comments you saw when you said islam is a religion of who lacks tolerance (or maybe you lack knowledge of what tolerance means) but i think you are just looking for an excuse to express your bitter thoughts about and towards islam… Considering Non of those guys made any aggressive comments

  5. Comment:I don’t know him before,but if he really wants to get close to God for real let him stop religious practice and pray from the depth of his heart to know the true God,he will be surprised that all this years JESUS the Lord has been at his heart waiting at his conscience to come in.my guy do the right thing today Jesus loves you

  6. Comment: Even Allah in the Quran said:there is no compulsion in the religion,and he told the prophet don’t force anyone into the religion,for he felt this was right for him,but remember this ANYWAY IS A WAY,BUT THE RIGHT WAY IS THE ONLY WAY!!!
    those saying Islam is a religion of hatred,you are excused because you know nothing about the beauty of Islam,wallahy been a Muslim is a blessing and Islam teaches us never to critize any religion because of peace,I pray Allah guide him to the right path,he is indeed lost,AMEEN.

  7. Reading your comments here, I don’t need anybody to tell me wot Islam is again. “by their fruits you shall know them” Spewing words of hate & and at the same time saying Islam is a religion of peace? lol.
    No wonder, 96% of Terrorist groups in this world are championed by Muslims & I see the same act here. Through your comments, I understand that some of you given the chance will down this nigga.

  8. Comment:No doubt Mr.zayn has changed his religion but he is a born Muslim he remains to be a Muslim because muslims have imaan and Amal which is in the heart of Mr.Zayn After a long gap he will realize what he had done and follow his right path because Muslims don’t force anything because they people have a spiritual power in himselves or herselves *Lailaha illahla Mohammadun Rasoolulah SAW peace be upon him.

  9. He didn’t use word quit. Still believes in oneness of God. If not happy yet, spare him please. This is his personal business and is between him and God. Let him be what he wants to be.


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