Should we have pride in our culture?

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Where have all the flowers gone?
This is a traditional Pakistani dress.
traditional Pakistani dress

Not this…

blankThese are Bangladeshi dresses….

blankNot these….

blankThese are Afghani dresses….

blankNot these….

blankThis is an Indian dress…

blankNot this….

blankThese are Iranian dresses… 

blankNot these….

blankThis is a Malaysian dress….

blankNot this….

This is an Indonesian dress….

blankNot this….

blankThis is an Iraqi dress.

blankNot this…. 
blankThis is a Syrian dress…

blankNot this….

blankThis is a Moroccan dress…. 
blankNot this….

blankThis is a Tunisian dress… 

blankNot this…. 

Clearly, once upon a time, these colourful dresses were created by women for themselves.

So what has changed?

What has changed is that a vile, criminal, stone-age belief is taking over much of the world while the weak leaders of the Western World say we have to respect it …. because it is a religion…..

What a load of crap!

If you don’t read the newspapers you are uninformed; if you read the newspapers you are misinformed. –  Mark Twain 

(today ‘false news’ is true of the electronic media too!)


Pakistan’s exports hit record high of $2.9 Bn

After surpassing the monthly target of $2.6 Bn, Pakistan's export in November achieved a record high, clocking out at $2.9 Bn. Compared to the monthly exports of November last year, which clocked out at $2.17 Bn, Pakistan has made a 33 percent increase in its exports.