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Sidra Riaz: Law student allegedly raped and threatened

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Sidra Riaz, a law student at the Islamic International University, blamed Asad Hashmi, an Islamabad-based lawyer, of repeatedly raping her at a flat in the H-13 sector of the capital. She has released two video messages that have gone viral across social media, claiming that now she is being threatened amidst pleas for protection from the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

In the first video, Sidra claims that she is constantly being threatened to take back her case and state that she did not recognize her rapist in the dark of the night. She accused Javed Hashmi– a professor at the Islamic University Islamabad, and uncle of the alleged rapist– of threatening her against proceeding with her case, or else “she will be shot down”.

Sidra Riaz raped by the Nephew of her IIUI Professor

This is the video released by Sidra Riaz, the student of Islamic International University. According to her, She has been raped by Asad Hashmi who happens to be the nephew of Javed Hashmi (Professor in IIUI). She decided to raise her voice and stand against the sexual predator. Share recorded and shared her video on social media and Now she is receiving life threats as culprit belongs to the strong background.According to the Victim, The said professor has offered her fully funded scholarships for taking the complaint back. We request the government to help and protect the victim. We request the government to help the victim and give her Justice. We can't determine the truth at this moment but we are committed to voicing the sufferings of the victims and will always stand with them.We request the concerned authorities and government to take notice and investigate the manner to punish the culprit.Original source: Fatima Butt

Posted by Stop Harassment Now on Saturday, February 2, 2019

Sidra further claimed that Javed Hashmi offered her to enter into a relationship with the culprit, after which all her “educational expenses will be taken care of”.

“Asad Hashmi kept threatening to kill me if I protested. In the morning, he tried to vanish as I attempted to call the police. He disappeared before the police arrived”, she said.

In the second video message released on Monday morning, Sidra presents a more detailed narrative of her ordeal. She revealed that she came into contact with Asad Hashmi while fighting a case in the F-8 court in Islamabad, who made multiple assurances of his legal support that convinced her to hire him. Allegedly, Sidra was invited to a residential flat in H-13 sector under the pretext of “inviting her to his office”.

Pakistani 🇵🇰 girl, who has gone viral on on social media, claims to be a law ⚖ #Student at an Islamabad university 🎓.She #Accuses a lawyer Asad Hashmi of raping her and says that his uncle – a #Professor at the same university where she’s a student – was giving her life threats and forcing her to change her testimony before the court.They say, withdraw from the case or you will be #Shot on the street, she said.The girl, who reportedly belongs to Jhang, had #Lodged a rape case against Hashmi at Islamabad’s Ramna Police Station few days ago. Hashmi was #Granted pre-arrest bail by a session judge.She also claims to recieve 📞 calls from people who offering her money for a night saying her FIR was #Sexy.The case will be heard in Islamabad district court ⚖ today. Follow : Dekhlo News to stay Updated 🌍

Posted by Dekhlo News on Sunday, February 3, 2019


Sidra arrived at the flat at 9 pm, and the assault allegedly began as soon as she entered the flat. “He locked the door, tore off my clothes and raped me repeatedly through the night”, she claimed.

“Asad Hashmi kept threatening to kill me if I protested. In the morning, he tried to vanish as I attempted to call the police. He disappeared before the police arrived”, she said. The police collected all the evidence, and upon conducting medical tests, “the report turned out to be positive and Hashmi was booked under a case of sexual assault”.

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However, Sidra reported, “Asad Hashmi could not be arrested as he managed to secure an interim bail. He used his legal connections and resources to steer clear of the police, and he has not been arrested yet.”

Hamza Shafqaat, Deputy Commissioner Islamabad, acknowledged the video message through a tweet and disclosed his decision to establish an inquiry into this case. The tweet mentioned that Assistant Commissioner Bushra Rao has established contact with Sidra Riaz, and two FIRs have been registered against Asad Hashmi.

Media reports reveal that Asad Hashmi has been booked in a case under Section 376 of Pakistan People Code (PPC), but so far, no arrests have been made.

The advocate also pointed out that the victim is not a student of Islamic International University and no professor Javed Hashmi is affiliated with the University.

Sidra has expressed concerns for her safety amidst “pressure and threats” to withdraw her case. She also revealed that she is being threatened and harassed by members of Hashmi’s legal fraternity, asking for “sexual favors in exchange for money”.

She has appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take immediate notice of her case and provide her protection as the threats are mounting since her court appearance is drawing near. She has been allegedly threatened with an “acid attack” if she does not state that the cases she has filed against Asad Hashmi are false and baseless.

“The other party is still in touch with me and the threats are constantly coming in while no authority has stepped in provide me protection”, claimed Sidra.

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Recent news reports reveal that Assistant Commissioner Bushra Rao has contacted Sidra and “assured her full cooperation”, while the Ministry of Human Rights has assigned the victim a lawyer to fight her case in court.

However, in a shocking turn of events, Advocate Fatima Butt, a human rights lawyer and activist based in Islamabad, has come forward to refute Sidra’s story and claims that she is “a member of a gang that is involved in trapping innocent boys and demanding money”.

This is for the information to the lawyers of Islamabad Bar that I am not taking up the case of Ms. Sidra Riaz. I would…

Posted by Adv Fatima Butt on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Advocate Fatima Butt, who is also a member of the online platform Stop Harassment Now, which initially posted Sidra’s video, took it upon herself to investigate the matter. Through a Facebook post, Advocate Butt concludes, “I would like to further information that she is a member of the gang who has been involved in trapping innocent boys and demands money from them and in case if boys refuse to pay the money, she lodges false cases against them. She is not alone dealing with all these matters as she has a proper group who support her in such activities.”

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The advocate also pointed out that the victim is not a student of Islamic International University and no professor Javed Hashmi is affiliated with the University. The post read, “This propaganda has been lodged just with the motive to defame the International Islamic University”. She further says that case has been forwarded to the concerned authorities and matter is under investigation.

Mina Jahangir with additional input by News Desk.

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  1. Y sach hai jhoot koi nhi jnta agr miss fatima bol rhe k y gang hai to myra y question hai k wo kesay keh skte k y aik gang hai ya y sb aik drama hai …..or agr y drama hai to phr iiui hi kun …..y sach hai y jhoot koi nhi jnta agr sach hai to kindly ap asad hashmi ko saza dain or larki ko insaf …….or is k ilawa iiui my koi security nhi to plzzzz we want proper security system …….

  2. Why did this girl go to h-13 at 9pm? Why did she call the police in the morning and why would he try to disappear if he was the perpetrator?


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