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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Sikh Federation Exposes Threats to Journalist Over Khalistan Reporting

A British Sikh organization leader discloses threats to a Pakistani journalist by Indian authorities due to his reporting on Khalistan, highlighting international intelligence awareness and the broader implications for Sikh activism worldwide.

The leader of a prominent pro-Khalistan British Sikh organization has disclosed that a well-known Pakistani journalist, affiliated with Pakistan’s GEO News and its publications, is under threat of harm from the Indian authorities due to his reporting on Khalistan matters and the activities of pro-Khalistan Sikh activists.

During an interview on the Sikh Channel Akaal TV, Dabinderjit Singh, leader of the Sikh Federation UK, shared that the Metropolitan Police is aware of threats to Mr. Murtaza Ali Shah’s life originating from the Indian state. This revelation was also made public by the Sikh Federation through a tweet and a video interview.

Dabinderjit Singh, a retired civil servant who founded the Sikh Federation a decade ago, revealed that the GEO TV journalist is targeted by the Indian authorities because of his coverage of Sikh issues, particularly the Khalistan Referendum and Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a group banned in India.


“Murtaza Ali Shah, despite not being a Sikh, extensively covers Sikh issues for GEO TV. His reporting, notably on the Khalistan Referendum organized by Sikhs For Justice in various countries, including the UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Italy, has placed him on India’s hit-list,” Singh stated, highlighting the connection between Shah’s journalistic work and the threats he faces.

India has a history of targeting individuals reporting on Kashmir and Khalistan issues. Last year, India banned Murtaza Ali Shah’s social media accounts in the country, along with those of other prominent journalists such as Rana Ayyub and C J Werleman.

According to Dabinderjit Singh, the UK’s intelligence center, GCHQ, is likely aware of the threats facing activists. He mentioned the case of Khanda, a Sikh activist who died suddenly in Birmingham last year shortly after Indian media reported he was on India’s hit list.

“GCHQ must have intercepted India’s issued hit list and likely received intelligence from Canada and other allies regarding India’s activities. Sikhs in the UK have been a prime target for nearly 40 years,” Singh emphasized. He further elaborated on India’s alleged involvement in terrorism abroad, including the killing of Paramjit Singh Panjwar in Lahore last year.

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Intelligence agencies from Canada, the UK, the US, and Pakistan have issued warnings to pro-Khalistan activists in recent months about threats from Indian state agents. These warnings come in light of various incidents, including the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada and a foiled plot to assassinate SFJ founder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in New York.

The UK intelligence’s issuance of Osman Warning letters to Sikh activists in the West Midlands indicates the seriousness of the threats they face from Indian state agents, as reported by The Times newspaper.

The Sikh Federation has criticized both the current UK government under Rishi Sunak and the previous administrations for allegedly appeasing the Hindutva regime.

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