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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Sindh police launch Shaheen Force to fight street crime

The Shaheen Force will be equipped with modern weapons and radios to immediately respond to emergency situations. 

In a bid to combat rising street crimes in Karachi, Additional Inspector-General (AIG) Javed Alam Odho has announced to launch Shaheen Force.

According to the details, the Shaheen Force will have the exclusive duty of preventing street crime. They will be equipped with modern weapons and radios to immediately respond to situations. The Shaheen Force will patrol the markets and public places on motorbikes to keep an eye on muggers.

The AIG Karachi said Shaheen Force will be seen patrolling the streets of the city within 2 days. The force will chase the muggers and fight them, AIG Odho said.

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Pertinent to mention that the launch of the Shaheen Force comes as street crime increases in Karachi once again, raising alarm and safety concerns for the residents.

Armed robbers shoot dead three

Karachi has always been a victim of street crimes. Earlier this year, a media report emerged stating that Karachi witnessed 11,000 incidents of robberies in the first two months of 2022.

Five people lost their lives, while 29 others were injured resisting robbery bids in Karachi during the first 12 days of January alone. A total of 80 persons received injuries for resisting the robberies 1.5 months into 2022.

Since then street crimes continue to rack up, instilling fear among the residents of Karachi. Sunday, armed robbers shot dead three persons and wounded five others over resistance to their mugging bids in different parts of the city.

Usman Mushtaq, 25, was standing near the counter of his shop in Kazimabad near Hazrat Ali Chowk when armed pillion riders came and tried to rob him. As he put up resistance, the muggers opened fire on him and fled.

In another incident, a passerby was shot dead by robbers in Zaman Town. In the third incident, a man was shot dead and another wounded by armed robbers when they tried to catch the outlaws in Liaquatabad No. 4 on Sunday evening.

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