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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Snake spotted at Islamabad International Airport

A snake in Islamabad International Airport causes fright among passengers and staff. Fortunately, personnel of the Islamabad Airport Security Force later killed the snake.

A one-meter snake was spotted at Islamabad International Airport ensuing panic and tension among the on-ground staff and passengers.

The incident happened at the state lounge of the airport after which passengers and on-ground staff ran to maintain a safe distance from the reptile.

Personnel of the Islamabad Airport Security Force later killed the snake. This is not the first time a snake has been spotted at the airport. Back in 2018, a snake was spotted in the apron area. The staff says they have complained to the management but no actions have been taken to address the concerns.

It was reported earlier that the trauma centers located in the facility do not have antivenom medicine to treat reptilian bites.

Issues with Islamabad Airport

Islamabad International Airport has been grabbing attention for architectural malfunctioning and poor drainage system several times. A video of the airport leaking after heavy rain recently went viral on social media. The false ceiling of the airport collapsed causing the rainwater to malfunction computers and other equipment at the immigration counter.

The video showed Civil Aviation Authority staff standing there and watching helplessly as the ceiling crashes with the heavy downpour. A similar incident happened in August 2020 after the false ceiling at the international departure and concourse hall collapsed.

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When asked about the incident, the officials had said that the work was not halted. Repair work of the ceiling is underway.

“The design of the outer ceilings is such that it allows for entry and circulation of air in areas where there is no air-conditioning. During high-speed winds, we sometimes encounter with such a situation,” Aviation Division spokesman Senior Joint Secretary Abdul Sattar Khokhar said at the time.

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The airport has been under construction since 2007 and became functional in 2018. Built with Rs 105 billion, the airport since its opening has reported several incidents of malfunction.