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Thursday, May 23, 2024

“SNL” Explained Pete Davidson’s Absence By Claiming He Was In The Upside-Down – BuzzFeed

Pete Davidson has been noticeably absent from Saturday Night Live since the show premiered two weeks ago.

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And so far the cast has addressed it the best way they know how — with jokes.

Last week during “Weekend Update,” Colin Jost joked that Pete was basically “a man who drove his car to a music festival and still cannot remember where he parked his car, a week after the show.”


“Well, we hope you make it back soon, Pete,” he added, though he didn’t specify when exactly that’d be happening.

In reality, he’s been filming a small part in the upcoming Suicide Squad, though his role has still yet to be announced.

During David Harbour’s monologue, he and Kate McKinnon discover a portal to the Upside-Down.


He goes in and discovers Aidy Bryant/Barb, watches Beck Bennett get eaten by a Demogorgon…

…and finds Pete Davidson!


“Wait, no! It can’t be! Pete Davidson??” David asks.


“Hey, what up?” Pete says, totally unfazed.

“Is this where you’ve been? In the Upside-Down?”


“Uh, no it’s not.”

“Why don’t you come back with me and you can do the show tonight?”


But, he does return!

During “Weekend Update,” he teases Jost about his previous comments, joking, “By the way, Colin, I don’t know if you’ve seen the Joker, but I think you should start being waaay nicer to me.”

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No word yet on if Pete will be absent from future episodes, but at least he’s great when he’s there!