Social media users compare Akshay Kumar with PM Khan

Social media users are in a frenzy as they compare Akshay Kumar's statement with PM Imran Khan's recent ones on rape. As per Akshay Kumar, all men are inherently lustful. This statement is similar to PM Khan's who said that exposing young men to explicit sexual content increases temptation in society.

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Social media users are comparing an old statement of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar to the recent statements passed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on rising sexual violence against women.

In one of his previous interviews, Akshay Kumar had said that all men are inherently lustful. His comments had come during the release of his movie, Shaukeens. In response to a question, the Bollywood actor said that “There is no man who isn’t lustful. When a man looks at a woman, his imagination is bound to run wild. A male’s DNA is composed in such a way that he will stare at a woman. The catch is in how he behaves with the woman. Anyone who disagrees with this and says it depends on perspective is again trying to hide their lust because it is socially unacceptable to think free.”

His statements have resurfaced as PM Imran Khan stirred debate around should victims be blamed for sexual abuse or the onus entirely lies on the perpetrators.

Akshay Kumar’s statement forced people to draw a comparison between their statements.

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In his latest interview, PM Imran Khan had said that exposing young men to explicit sexual content increases temptation in society. He said that in young men in conservative societies women’s dressing also plays a part.

According to the Government of Pakistan, his comments on sexual violence against women and attributing it to the clothes of the women were taken out of context. The snap of the interview circulated on social media and became a cause célèbre that triggered an outcry from women and females who criticized PM Imran Khan for being a ‘rapist apologist’.

According to the reports, the 82-minute long interview was edited to 15 minutes in which the HBO Axios skipped crucial remarks on rising sexual violence and Hindutva. Hence to counter the negative publicity, the Prime Minister Office released an unedited version of the interview.

The unedited version gave the viewers an in-depth insight into the vision of PM Imran Khan on tackling the rising cases of sexual abuse in Pakistan. He said that he is not only concerned about the sexual abuse against women but also against children.

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In response to a question related to Purdah, PM Imran Khan said that it is not just about women covering themselves but more about reducing the temptation in society. He said that with the massive amount of sexual content available on the internet for young boys and men, there should be ways to tackle this rising temptation.