Sonu Nigam all praise for young singer Hadia Hashmi, Xulfi for Bol Hu song

He listened to the powerful performance of Hadia Hashmi in Bol Hu with Soch The Band for the fifth season of Nescafe Basement. "It's been a while since anything has touched my soul like this!" said Sonu Nigam while expressing his views.

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Sonu Nigam praised the young Pakistani singer Hadia Hashmi and music producer Xulfi in his latest video. He released the video on social media praising the powerful vocals of Hadia Hashmi and Xulfi for producing a soul-stirring song Bol Hu.

Sonu Nigam praises Hadia Hashmi

He listened to the powerful performance of Hadia Hashmi in Bol Hu with Soch The Band for the fifth season of Nescafe Basement. The track Bol Hu was featured in 2019 Bollywood thriller Malang as well. Now, the Indian singer praised the performance in the vlog.

“It’s been a while since anything has touched my soul like this! What a song, what lyrics, what composition! Wah! Soch the band, kya soch hai!”

Nigam can be seen in the video saying, “Been a while since I’ve heard something good. Jaaved Jaafri sent this song to me. I’ve heard it before but really listened to it for the first time today. Even in today’s age, songs that can get one extremely emotional can be composed.” He then gets teary-eyed and adds, “I never thought it would be possible anymore but it has happened. God bless little Hadia, God bless Soch the band.”

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Soch-the Band thanked the singer for appreciation. “We have grown up following you and listening to your music so it’s like a dream come true for us. Thank you, Sonu Sir! It is always gratifying and nice to hear something heartfelt like this from a fellow artist across the border.”

Xulfi thanked Sonu Nigam

Xulfi, the producer of Nescafe Basement, also thanked the Indian singer Sonu Nigam on Facebook. “I just saw Sonu Nigam’s video on Bol Hu and I thought it only made sense that I express my gratitude in a similar manner,” he said. “I don’t only have one thing to thank him for, there are multiple things. The first thing I would want to thank him for is the way his reaction must have elated the spirits of Adnan, Rabi, and Hadia. There’s no comparison to that. They would want to work even more seriously towards their dreams. God has given you a gift; do not let it go to waste.”

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The Waqt singer added, “Another thing I really want to appreciate is the honest reaction from Sonu. We hardly see this sort of response anymore. He made the video while listening to the song. He gave such a beautiful message.”

Xufli went on to say that the way he felt, how the song touched his heart and his soul, he explained it to all of us. This is how an artist reacts to music. “The gratification I felt after the reaction of Sonu Nigam is unexplainable,” said Xulfi.

“Thank you, Sonu Nigam! You did an important task with an imperative message that people should not stop pursuing their dreams and should not forget that they have been blessed with a gift. I was not expecting it all. You have made us, made millions happy with your video,” Xulfi went on. “Thank you so much! We all respect you from the core of our hearts and our souls. You have given us so many memories, the way you share the meanings behind the lyrics, the melodies you have sung… there are so many examples of the same. And when someone like you praises our work, it’s an honour,” said Xulfi while thanking Sonu Nigam.

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