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Thursday, February 15, 2024

South Africa accuses Pakistani diplomats of illegal selling of vehicles

Diplomatic tensions heightened between South Africa and Pakistan after former accused of Pakistani diplomats of illegally selling vehicles.

According to reports, South Africa has started investigating a scandal in which some Pakistani diplomats were found in the importing and selling of vehicles in violation of the local laws. The news was reported by Geo News on Friday.

The investigation had heightened diplomatic tensions between South Africa and Pakistan, reports sources. Amid the ongoing probe, both the countries have placed a ban on the transfer and registration of vehicles held by each other’s embassies.

The revenue department of South Africa has accused Pakistani diplomats including Ambassador Mazhar Javed and Former Deputy Ambassador Adnan Javed of selling the vehicles after importing them into the country.

Pakistani diplomats have denied the allegations. Pakistan reacting to the charges has also put a ban on the transfer and registration of vehicles of the South African embassy. The case is developing and details will be followed soon.

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Pakistani diplomats have been facing serious charges in the past few weeks. Last month, former Pakistani diplomat Nadeem Riaz has been penalized on the charges of sexual harassment. He has been found guilty of sexually harassing a woman official. Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment Kashmala Tariq decided in the favor of the complainant after the allegations of sexual harassment were proved against him.

A 20th Grade Officer Saira Imdad Ali in the Ministry of Commerce had accused Head of Mission in Italy Nadeem Riaz of sexually harassing her at the workplace. The ombudsperson fined Nadeem Riaz Rs.5 million. The amount will be paid to the complainant as compensation. Kashmala Tariq also ordered that a copy of the decision must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within seven days.

It is noteworthy to mention that the decision has come after his retirement. While the complaint was filed when he was in service. The diplomat retired in 2020.