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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Status of women – Letter to Editor

Letter to Editor |

The position and status of women have always remained controversial. She’s victimized and underestimated throughout the ages. Societies kept on insulting her so that she may not harm the validity and integrity of the man. Male superiority has always remained the matter of honor for the man. Judaism and various other religions called women to curse and a black mark on humanity. Islam the first and the last religion came to her rescue.

The Quranic injunction brought women parallel to men. She no longer remained a toy thing in the hand of man. Islam conferred on her the right of inheritance. If she wants separation in marriage to the Man has no right to impose his supremacy and dominance over her.

Unfortunately, contrary to Islamic teaching, the Muslim society failed to give place to the woman. The ongoing liberalism existing in the European states has relieved women of every bondage. She enjoys liberty in all walks of life without any consideration of right or wrong.
This is in fact, woman’s full involvement in the economic prosperity, her participation in the industrial and commercial sphere, her presence in the social, political, academic and speak of her real significance and potential. But in our country, people don’t take away the inherent right to education. Women also have a right to be educated and provided everything to build up her personality.
Syeda Areej Batool
University of Karachi