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Friday, May 24, 2024

Student commits suicide over father’s failure to afford university fees

When inquired about the cause of suicide, the victim’s father stated that his son was an excellent student who had secured an A-grade at his intermediate exam.

A student of NED Karachi committed suicide yesterday on his father’s failure to pay the university fees in time. The young man took his life near the UP Morr area of Karachi after his father was unable to pay his admission fee to the NED University, as reported by ARY News.

The victim of suicide was identified as a 19 year old named Hammad. He had proceeded to hang himself at an apartment near the UP Morr area. “According to the police, the youngster was disheartened after he was unable to manage the fee for his admission to the NED University,” reported the news channel.

When inquired about the cause of suicide, the victim’s father stated that his son was an excellent student who had secured an A-grade at his intermediate exam. He further added that his son had asked him to pay the university’s admission fee so he could enrol in the new semester at NED, Karachi. The father lamented that this was difficult for him to afford.

“It took time for us to arrange money for the admission fee,” said the father with a heavy heart. He further added that his late son had asked for his admission fee on the day of the incident as well as a day before. “I assured him to submit the fee by Saturday but he committed suicide on Thursday,” said the father in tears.

The police authorities shifted the body to a hospital for all the requisite medico-legal formalities. A probe was also launched into the matter “with other angles”, ARY claimed.

Nishtar Medical University student attempts suicide after failing in exam

The rate of students committing suicide is alarming as well as deeply saddening. In February, ARY had reported another suicide at Multan, where a final year MBBS student of Nishtar Medical University attempted suicide claiming that he was intentionally failed during his viva test.

The news channel reported that a video message was issued from the student identified as Kashif Raza soon after he gained consciousness after being treated at the Nishtar Hospital.

The student, identified as Raza, had cut his blood veins in an attempt to end his life after being failed in a paper but was saved after he was rushed to the hospital immediately.

Raza claimed in his message that he never failed in any of his subjects during the past four-year examinations at the university. He blamed the teaching faculty for having intentionally failed him in the viva procedure as some of the teachers in the university had personal grudges against him.

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Social media is also abuzz with the reports of the student’s suicide attempt as the university administration has denied any discrimination in the viva process, saying that a panel of teachers is part of the viva process and discrimination is out of the question.

Another student commits suicide on account of depression

Earlier in the same month, a medical student in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had also allegedly committed suicide out of mental depression. The victim from Mardan was a final year student at Khyber Medical College in Peshawar.

The police had launched an investigation into the incident. They added that it would be too early to say anything about the suicide bid. “The reason behind the suicide is said to be mental stress, however, the real reason behind the act could be established only after the probe,” they said.