Student gang-raped at Islamabad university in shocking incident

A QAU student has been raped by two men while delivering food to a hostel. According to media reports, the alleged rapist, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan was residing in the room illegally along with another man identified as Mehmood Ashraf.

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In a harrowing incident, a 22-year-old student has been gang-raped in Islamabad’s International Islamic University.

According to the director of the university, the student was delivering food to meet his expenses and was a student of the Quaid-e-Azam University.


The incident occurred when the boy was delivering food on Friday night. When he came out of the room he collapsed and fell on the floor. He was immediately moved to the PIMS Hospital by the hostel’s guards.

Director Dr. Masoom Yasin said the two students have been expelled from the university and a disciplinary committee will investigate the case further. “We have submitted all the information at the area’s police station as well,” said the director of the university.

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According to the report published in Express Tribune, the alleged rapist, Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, is the brother of the clerk-turned-resident house tutor Yousuf Khan. He was residing in the room illegally along with another man identified as Mehmood Ashraf.

It is reported that the appointment of Yousuf Khan as RHT is illegal since the post is dedicated to the senior teaching faculty member who will guide and supervise the students. Yousuf Khan acquired the position due to his contacts in the administration.

It was also revealed that Yousuf Khan has placed his brothers and his friends illegally in the hostel.

Several members of the administration who were expelled on gross misconduct had been re-hired including the fired security chief Col (retd) Amjad who filmed female videos and blackmailed them. Dr. Ibrar Anwar was also rehired after being fired for taking bribery.

Meanwhile, Yousuf Khan has admitted giving accommodation to his brother, however, he rejected the accusation claiming that the entire incident is “a conspiracy against him by his political opponents”.

The spokesperson of the IIUI says that RHT has been removed from his office.