Interesting ideas to help you style up your Pakistani lehenga for your wedding day

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If you are searching for a good Pakistani bridal lehenga, you probably know the numerous possibilities that it offers in terms of styling. In case you are not familiar, the variety of designs will surprise you – it can be styled and modified to fit all kinds of wedding events and ceremonies, as well as working well for other occasions. Regardless of how much fashion changes, you will never see the beauty of a classic lehenga going out of style.

For instance, you might notice that there are many trends of the past that are returning to popular culture, such as gotti work and Patiala shalwars. However, the bridal Pakistani lehengas seems to outlast many of these trends, and is still as relevant today as it was hundreds of years back.

Why choose a Pakistani lehenga?

If there is one lesson you learn in life, is that fashion is ever changing and never remains in one state – no matter how trendy something is. That said, there are certain fashion pieces that never seem to die out in terms of their popularity, and the Pakistani bridal lehenga is among the best examples of the so-called ‘evergreen’ fashion pieces.

Many modern brides love this outfit because it has beautiful detailing, cuts, affluence and style – all which you will struggle to find an outfit that is its equivalent. It also comes in numerous modes and colours, so you are always sure to find something that pleases you and makes you feel at your most beautiful on your big day.

There are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the exact clothes you are wearing though, in order to look your best. They are:

  • Be mindful of the contrasts and colours of each piece, whether it is a choli, Kurti, or any other garment that you are wearing with the Pakistani lehenga. You do not want to look ashen or dull on your wedding day, so pick colours that bring out the best aspects of your complexion and body.
  • If you have darker or dusky skin, go for darker shades, and go for lighter colours if you have a fair, medium or light skin tone.
  • Instead of choosing a big, flared lehenga, go for one that is droopy since it looks more basic and can work for you more often
  • If your wish is for the lehenga to have a spread-out look, then go for those with flares or frills near the bottom. Avoid mid length kurtis if you are wearing a fishtail lehenga.

Some interesting combinations

If you are looking for some ways to style up your lehenga for your big day, we have some ideas you can implement easily and fit in with modern trends as well.

Wearing a crop top choli


Lehengas are innately beautiful, and so are crop top choli designs, which are also dominating the wedding look these days. In fact, their versatility is not just for a bridal Pakistani lehenga, but also for casual wear, such as women that wear them with high-waist palazzo pants.

The best part about lehengas is their very beautiful colours, which are easily awe-inspiring and leave everyone around you looking to you for style inspiration. When considering wearing a crop top choli, it always workswell with a flared lehenga, which can either be droopy fall or a fishtail type with heavy embellishing.

Choosing a mid-waist Kurti

This is among the latest blends that has taken off quite a lot – wearing a lehenga with a mid-waist Kurti. For reference: mid-waist means that it is covering you until your hips. You have the choice of keeping it closed or open, although most mid-waist kurtis will leave it open to the side or keep it loose, especially if the garment have very heavy embellishments.

The advantage of the length is the comfort it offers you, which is quite high. In particular, you will like it if you are a plus-size bride, although it can even work for lean brides as well.

However, there is something you will need to keep in mind for this one: the style itself is tricky, and it might not work for some women. To ensure it works, the embroidery needs to have a strong sense of balance to avoid a ‘droopy’ look of the shirt, a mistake that is quite common. Keep in mind also, that making the outfit too tight is always a bad idea – you need to keep it loose to make it as comfortable as possible.

In addition, the shoulders can suffer incorrect positioning, making your look awkward, and balance is necessary. For instance, if the back has very heavy embellishments (as is the case with many Pakistani lehengas), then counter it by adding heavy tassels on the daaman or embroidery on the edges.

Wearing long Kurti

Along with the other options on the list, this is a clever way of making wedding apparel. Thanks to the lighter bottom that a long Kurti has, it makes the dress usable for other occasions that will come up in future and provides plenty of flexibility. In addition, you can wear the bottom and shirt separately, which is not what most bridal dresses will give you.

There are numerous options you can use to customize the design as well. However, a pro tip that always proves useful for this case is making the embellishments heavier on the upper part of the Kurti rather than at its bottom. Since it will not come out of the shirt you wear, you can always maintain the motifs to the bottom part, in order to keep the look as balanced as possible.


Final thoughts

It is your big day, and you deserve to look at your best without feeling weighed down by your clothes or look. As long as you are comfortable with it, you can wear whatever you want and blend different fashion pieces to achieve something beautiful, so the creativity is all according to what you want. The good news is that you no longer need to limit your own choices, and things can work well for you as long as you alter some details.