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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Success is not necessarily hard work but discovering your creativity…!

We all want to be successful! At least most of us, but, “Productivity” holds a different meaning for everyone. While some believe the idea is to work more to produce more, other’s believe that productivity has nothing to do with the time limitation.

There are several questions that must be answered while deciding if you, as a workaholic, hold the capabilities of being productive. As it turns out, the process of speeding up requires for you to slow down at first and the 7 factors to be considered are as follows.

1. Why should I take that project?

The question itself is clear and understandable. Sara Blakely, the founder of SPANX, encourages people to question why they should be doing anything at all. The idea according to her, is to keep asking “Why?” till the answer is acceptable.

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If your answer is, “I’m doing this to please my boss or cousin,” or “because I’ll feel guilty if I don’t,” then it is always better to take time off and think about what would actually please you.

2. Learn to say no

Warren Buffet once said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.”

Successful people tend to use the word “no” more than they would use any other word. They accept that they are not in favor of working on everything that life throws at them and are in fact only responding to those of the activities which benefit them.

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This concept of saying NO applies not only to social interactions and events but to additional duties at the office and newly emerging work opportunities.

The question to consider here is; What can you be saying “no” to?


3. Success is not struggle

Denise Duffield Thomas explained in an interview that the biggest myth about achieving success and money is the people’s belief that it has to be difficult.

Jessica Alba, Oprah, and Sheryl Sandberg are few of the popular names who work hard. People, however, miss out on the fact that they are not just working hard but are enjoying as well.

Being able to enjoy while working is the best way one can achieve greater success while still captivating the inner creativity.

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4. Fun is the key to creativity

When you are in a happy and light mood, it is often that your mind takes your attention to things you would not otherwise find attractive. And not just that, having fun stimulates that part of your brain which brings the creativity forward.

Losing the mental blocks should be the ultimate goal. Once we learn to keep our minds at ease and focus on the “good”, the information automatically starts to flow.

Wayne Dyer says, “There is no stress in the world. Only stressful thoughts.”

We should loosen up our “hustling and bustling” factors to enjoy what we do and the worriedness would then eventually find its way out of your life.

5. Vacations are a need

We all need time off from our daily businesses and believe us, it is not wrong. World’s biggest CEO’s are all seen vacationing with their families, enjoying some “me” time.

The trick is to refresh yourself. We often need to assess our lives from a new point of view, a wider one. There are employees who feel vacationing would disturb their work routines, however, stepping back for a while can benefit you in the long run.

But then again, it is not always necessary that you find free time for yourself through vacations. A long stroll down the track just might be what energizes your mind!

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6. Be your own inspiration 

If you have been following the above-mentioned rules then there is a huge chance that you have experienced some exciting moments.

If you really let yourself free in the process then you will eventually, reach a point of self-satisfaction which helps you brainstorm better and brighter ideas.

7. Find your “Golden Hours”

We all have different work mechanisms. While some people work better at night, others tend to be productive in the morning. It is therefore suggested that you find your “golden hours” and delegate work accordingly.