Sushmita Sen, Bipasha Basu laud #MeToo movement

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Bollywood actresses Sushmita Sen and Bipasha Basu have appreciated the women who are courageously coming forward with their stories of sexual harassment. Both celebrities have admitted that sexual misconduct with females is a hard reality of Asia’s biggest entertainment industry-Bollywood.

Bipasha Basu while talking to media alleged Sajid Khan, the brother of famous choreographer Farah Khan, of his mistreatment with the females on the team.

“I am glad that women are speaking up about the atrocities of these men with power and clout… But nothing of that sort happened with me… It was just his [Sajid’s] general attitude towards women that would disturb me on set; he cracked lewd jokes openly and was pretty rude to all girls.”

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The actor added, “I was told by all not to say anything to him and stoop to his level, so I quietly finished my work as a professional and explained my stance to the producers, that I couldn’t associate myself with this film anymore as I could lose my temper any moment.”

Bipasha Basu appreciated with Tanushree Datta for bravely initiating this campaign in Bollywood.

Actress Sushmita Sen too described the incident in which a 15-year-old attempted to harass her at an Award function. She added that it was a high time as the movement was bound to happen in Bollywood.

“Well, we would be blind if we thought this never happened in Bollywood. Even if it has not happened to you, we cannot be ignorant of the fact that it happens in every position of power,” said the star.

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“It is not limited to Bollywood but in every sector where one would see powerful people who abuse the power. I am very happy that women are speaking up. But how many of us are listening, that is the part of this campaign that I am not so sure of because you need a certain conditioning to understand and act upon it.,” added Sushmita.

Since the first break of silence from Tanushree Datta, several females have come forward that have stormed the Bollywood as popular celebrities have been accused of predatory behavior following the bandwagon of #MeToo. As many as 14 powerful men including Bollywood celebrities, journalists, and politicians in India have been accused of sexual harassment.

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