Lebanon’s new electoral law: what you need to know

AFP | Lebanon is set to hold its first parliamentary vote in nearly a decade on May 6, after a drawn-out political stalemate finally produced a new electoral law in 2017.The new system maintains the sectarian seat allocation in the 128-member parliament but swaps out the decades-old plurality system for a proportional list-based one. Below are […]

Rivalry between PML-N and PTI

Farid A Malik | The political landscape of the country is set to witness intense rivalries and their manifestations in the form of war of words and mudslinging as the general elections are just around the corner. It is expected that, like always, elections will result in split views and reactions. Only a credible electoral […]

Putin outsmarts rivals: Comes back to power stronger than ever

News Analysis  In what was always thought to be an obvious matter of fact, President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin has won the Presidential Election of 2018. The turnout reported by the Russian as well as neutral observers was 67%, and Putin managed to secure 74% of the casted votes. Both feats are better than […]

Putin wins again

News Analysis | In an expected election result, Vladimir Putin, the incumbent President of the Russian Federation, has won the presidency again. He is all set to govern Russia for the next six years i.e. till the year 2024. According to the Central Election Commission of Russia, over 99% of the votes had been counted […]

Imran Khan’s public rally is the violation of ECP’s order

News Analysis | Imran Khan addressed a rally in NA-154 Lodhran Constituency despite notification from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for public office holders not to be present in public rallies, in this case, the February 12th by-election. After the disqualification of Jahangir Tareen, his son Ali Tareen is contesting a much-anticipated by-election against nine-candidates […]

Why did Pakistan refuse EU grant for support of electoral process?

News Analysis | Pakistan has refused a European (EU) grant of €15 million proposed for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and election monitoring bodies, fearing that it could compromise its sovereignty and national security. Pakistan expressed reservations as a signing of such an agreement could have serious implications on the independence and supremacy of the […]

Chaudry Nisar’s supporters burning Pervaiz Rashid’s posters highlights PML-N’s internal strife

News Analysis | The supporters of PML (N) Leader Chaudhry Nisar led a procession against fellow PML (N) member Pervaiz Rashid. This is in the backdrop of increasing verbal duels between the two leaders. Protesters gathered in Union Council Dhok Munshi and raised slogans against Rashid. The protest came days after Nisar lashed out at […]

Former Indian Occupied Kashmir Chief Minister denies Modi’s claims

News Analysis | National Conference (NC) leader Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday dismissed allegations that the Congress colluded with Pakistan to defeat the BJP in the recently concluded assembly polls and stated categorically “Pakistan koi saazish nahi karta.” His assertion comes after the BJP survived a fearsome challenge in its home ground amid talks of the […]

Down & dirty: Battle between PML-N & PTI for 2018 elections

Farid A Malik | The battle lines are clearly defined. It is Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) versus Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) all the way. In the recent electoral battle in NA-120 in Lahore, Dr. Yasmin Rashid of PTI valiantly fought against Dr. Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif (PhD-Urdu) wife of the Ex-Prime Minister. Dr. Yasmin has […]