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Friday, February 16, 2024

Take ownership of leaked videos with confidence: Capt Safdar

As Pakistan recovers from Zubair Umar's recently leaked explicit video, an old video of Captain Safdar is making the rounds on social media where he is urging people to not be afraid of their videos, instead, they should be confident and take ownership.

Late Tuesday, a seemingly old video clip of Captain Safdar giving unique advice made the rounds on Twitter. In the video, Captain Safdar urged people to take ownership of their compromising videos.

Captain Safdar’s video came as Pakistan recovers from the recently leaked video of PML-N leader Zubair Umar. The explicit video in question showed Zubair Umar engaging in inappropriate acts with an unknown woman.

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The leaked video took social media by storm as Zubair Umar came under heavy fire for the scandalous act. As accusations are being leveled against Maryam Nawaz for deliberately leaking the video, Captain Safdar’s video clip showed his different take on it.

While answering questions about leaked videos, Captain Safdar highlighted how people are afraid of their videos leaking as well. On this note, he said people should not be afraid of their videos, instead, they should be confident and take ownership.

“Don’t be afraid. Films cannot do anything,” Captain Safdar said.

He also noted that everyone has made an inappropriate video at some point in their life. Therefore, instead of cowering, people should take a stand and admit to the videos. Moreover, they should retaliate by threatening others and releasing their videos.

PML-N behind leaked videos?

Captain Safdar’s advice did not sit well with Twitteratis who mocked him for his views. Twitteratis had a field day with the old video clip as they stated that people should be ready because it appears as if PML-N has more videos to leak.

After Zubair Umar’s leaked video, Twitteratis began speculating that Mariam Nawaz was behind the entire fiasco.

Some believed Maryam Nawaz punished Zubair Umar for failing to strike a deal with the establishment. Others said that the video leak scandal was orchestrated by Maryam Nawaz to threaten other party members that this may happen to them if they refused to obey her. She apparently targeted Muhammad Zubair for joining Shahbaz Sharif camp.

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While some Twitteratis poked fun at Captain Safdar, others also stated that making a video of someone in a questionable condition and using it for blackmailing is a bad practice.