Take the less traveled path: Imran Khan encourages youth

PM Khan gave a staunch message to the youth-his prime followers. He said an in-depth analysis of mistakes makes one stronger. Imran Khan claims to have realized the massive potential of the Pakistani youth in 23 years of his politics.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the youth to fearlessly pursue their goals without fear of failure while addressing the ceremony of Demonstration by National Incubation Centre Startups in Islamabad yesterday.

Take the less trodden path, PM Khan gave a staunch message to the youth-his prime followers. Imran Khan said an in-depth analysis of mistakes makes one stronger.

Gracing the event as chief guest, he stressed on the importance of startups for Pakistan’s economy. Startups have efficacy to spur economic growth, financial inclusion, reduce income divide and promote knowledge economy. In his inspirational speech, he urged the youth not to give in to failures and strive to achieve their goals. He said that every great thing begins with an idea.

“A startup is when people embark fearlessly on their ideas,” he said, stating that success became possible when people pursued their dreams after “burning bridges”.

He cited the struggles and achievements of his life, pinned ‘confidence’ and hope the foremost factors for success. PM Imran Khan motivated youth not to leave their efforts in the middle without stretching one’s self to the limits.

“We have the second youngest youth population in the world. With the direction the world is taking with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, all we have to do is encourage our youth,” said the premier. “I am happy about this initiative that Ignite has taken to support startups,” he added.

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He said that fear of being mocked by people did not deter him to pursue his goals, adding that on several occasions he was ridiculously jeered by people.

“Only God can give you respect or humiliation,” he said. “Do whatever you want, you can bring about neither. All day long I hear people talking against me on TV. They can do nothing without the will of God,” Imran Khan added.

Imran Khan recounted an incident from his cricketing life when he made his debut in a Test match against England. He said he heard senior cricketer saying that they could not win the match against England.

“This is known as mental slavery,” he said. “Often, we wouldn’t win several matches only because we didn’t have the confidence to do so.”

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Imran Khan said that he realized the massive potential of the Pakistani youth in 23 years of politics. In conclusion, he motivated youth to adopt independent thinking.

Ignite, in collaboration with the Ministry of IT and Telecom, has initiated a program to establish incubation centers across Pakistan with a primary objective to provide assistance and mentorship in sustaining these startup projects.

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