Talented Pakistani taxi driver masters 10 languages without formal training

Hussain Syed said he is fluent in Russian, Malayalam, English, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, and Tughlaq languages.

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A Pakistani taxi driver has learnt 10 languages while working in Dubai. Hussain Syed, 33, is a resident of Peshawar and has mastered 10 different languages from Google translator and other applications.

Syed got featured in a morning show on Hum TV. Syed wanted to be a doctor but could not pursue his dreams. He came to Dubai 14 years ago and started driving a taxi.

While driving the taxi and meeting with different people, he got an inspiration to learn different languages. He has so far learned 10 languages, including Russian, Malayalam, and English. He now is looking forward to learning Spanish, French, and Italian.

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He said he is fluent in Chinese, Arabic, Persian, and Tughlaq languages. Even on his visits to Pakistan, his main focus is to learn more languages.


He said he travelled to Dubai at the age of 16 and worked as a watchman for five years. In his job, he interacted with various people and learned phrases and words from different languages which later developed into his passion for learning and speaking different languages. Syed said today he can speak different languages without any hindrance.


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