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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Taliban warning: India should remain unbiased in the Afghan issue

Suhail Shaheen, Taliban’s Political Office spokesman spoke to the international media regarding the Afghan issue.

According to the Taliban’s Political Office Spokesman Suhail Shaheen, India welcomes continuation of its aid and reconstruction work in Afghanistan after a government with the Taliban comes to power. But New Delhi should remain neutral and should not provide the Kabul administration any military support.

In a recent interview, he was oblivious to the Contacts that took place between the Indian government and his group.

The international community is now eagerly waiting to watch the Islamist militant group take over Large areas of Afghanistan especially after the withdrawal of American troops.

However, Indian puts forward their concern regarding its security interest as they fear Pakistan will take over Afghanistan backed by the help of Talibans.


To make Afghanistan economically independent, India has been developing the Chabahar port given that overland trade with landlocked Afghanistan and Central Asia are hostage to the strains in the India-Pakistan relationship.

When asked in a recent interview by a reporter regarding peace talks of a power-sharing agreement with the government of Kabul, Suhail Shaheen stated that “Our Negotiations Team in Doha have regular meetings with the Negotiations Team from Kabul. They discuss topics of the joint agenda which both sides have already agreed upon. Now it is upto the two teams to reach a final decision about the form of future Islamic government.

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Going into detail about how long will the Taliban continue to fight in Afghanistan and what are they hoping to achieve. They were two main objectives put forward which included ending foreign occupation in the country and establishing an Afghan inclusive Islamic government in Afghanistan.

Furthermore when asked what will India’s role be in the future of Afghanistan as India has been a development partner for Afghanistan providing its contribution for building roads, electricity lines and also the Salma dam.

The spokesman went on to say that “Regarding not targeting embassies and consulates, we have already issued official statements, saying we will not pose threat to any diplomatic mission of any country. About national projects and reconstruction of Afghanistan, the future Islamic government welcomes positive contributions of other countries in reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan. However, India should remain neutral and should not support the current Kabul Administration with military hardware which is ultimately used against the people of Afghanistan and destruction of the country. This is not good for their image and people’s perception of them.”

Suhail Shaheen was later questioned on ongoing speculations that Indian was in touch with Talibans to which he responded of not having a clue about such contacts.

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Questions were then further raised on Indians’ concerns regarding anti-Indian groups trained and sheltered in Afghanistan. The spokesman had clarified how on the basis of the Doha agreement does not allow anyone to use Afghan soil to harm any other country.

Lastly, when asked about the future role of Pakistan and China in Afghanistan, the political spokespersons had put forward the fact that how their people had suffered for the past four decades and how their country is in need of China and Pakistan’s assistance.