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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Tayyaba Raja Criticizes PTI’s decision to nominate Sanam Javed as Senate Candidate

Taking to X, commonly known as Twitter, Tayyaba slammed Sanam for getting the nomination of the Senate seat. “It is not necessary to elevate on the sacrifices of the others.”

PTI Leader Tayyaba Raja Criticizes Party’s Senate Candidate Nomination

Tayyaba Raja, a prominent figure within the PTI, has voiced her discontent over the party’s decision to nominate Sanam Javed as a candidate for the Senate polls. Through a social media platform, Tayyaba expressed her belief that such a choice unfairly elevates one individual while disregarding the sacrifices made by others.

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Questioning the repeated granting of bail to Sanam Javed by the anti-terrorism court, Tayyaba highlighted that despite being arrested eight times, Sanam was released on bail on seven occasions. She juxtaposed this with the case of Aliya Hamza and Khadija Shah, who, despite being granted bail by the Lahore High Court after nine months, faced numerous delays due to bench reformation.

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The PTI leader raised concerns about the consistency of bail rulings from the ATC and questioned the disproportionate media attention given to one female PTI leader while others remain relatively unknown. Tayyaba emphasized the need for patience among party members until a time when all voices within the PTI would be heard, particularly advocating for unity until the return of PTI founding chairman, Imran Khan.