Teenager accidentally shot dead by a friend


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A 19-year old Muhammad Salman was accidentally shot dead by his friends in New Delhi while filming a Tik Tok video with a gun, Hindustan Times reported.

The boy was accompanied by his two other friends when the incident happened. The boy was accidentally shot by his friend Suhail Malik, 24, in his face. Malik accidentally pressed the trigger while filming the video.

According to details, Salman was driving his cousin’s car while Suhail was sitting on the passenger seat and third friend Aamir was seated at the back seat.

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According to the accused Suhail Malik’s claim, the rough patch of the road led to accidental firing and the bullet hit Salman’s left cheek. The police have stated to have arrested Suhail Malik on the charges of murder as he deliberately tried to destroy evidence by removing the blood stains from his clothes and the seat cover of the car.

It is also stated that Muhammad Salman could have been saved had he been taken to the hospital on time. His friends, however, left him to die while concentrated on destroying the evidence.

Madhur Verma, the deputy commissioner of police (New Delhi), said, “Suhail has told us that he was holding his pistol in his hand to record a video for the TikTok app. As they passed by the Lalit Hotel around 10:30 pm, an uneven part of the flyover caused the car to lurch, leading to the shot being fired.”

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Police said they have arrested Malik and are investigating how he acquired gun while Amir has also been arrested under the charges of allegedly destroying evidence.

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