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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ten Punjabis Abducted in Quetta

Ten people, including a customs officer, were abducted by armed men at Shuban picnic point in Quetta, prompting a major search operation by law enforcement.

Unidentified armed men abducted ten individuals from Shuban picnic point in Zarghon Ghar, Quetta. The hostages, including a customs officer, were among a group of 16 people enjoying a day out when the armed men took them captive. The perpetrators released six hostages after verifying their Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs), confirming they were not from Punjab.

Targeted Kidnappings

The abduction has raised alarms about targeted kidnappings in the region, especially concerning individuals from Punjab. The ten abductees are all residents of Punjab province. This incident echoes a similar occurrence last year when six laborers from Punjab were killed, and two were injured by unknown assailants in Kech, Turbat. These targeted attacks highlight a disturbing pattern of violence against Punjabis in Balochistan.

Law enforcement agencies have launched a search operation to locate and rescue the abductees. The local administration and security forces are on high alert, combing the area for any leads on the whereabouts of the kidnapped individuals. The authorities are coordinating with local communities to gather information and ensure a swift rescue operation.

Recent Violence in Balochistan

The region has seen a spate of violence targeting workers and residents from Punjab. Last year, in a heinous act of violence, armed men killed six laborers and injured two others in the Satellite area of Kech, Turbat. These laborers were attacked in the house of a local constructor, Naseer, around 120 kilometers east of the Iranian border. This escalation of targeted attacks has created a climate of fear and insecurity among residents and visitors in Balochistan.

The DG Levies confirmed the ongoing search for the abducted individuals and emphasized the seriousness of the situation. Security measures are being intensified to prevent further incidents, and the authorities are working tirelessly to bring the kidnappers to justice. The identity verification process used by the kidnappers suggests a deliberate targeting of individuals from Punjab, necessitating heightened vigilance and security protocols.

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These incidents have far-reaching implications for the safety and security of people traveling to and residing in Balochistan. The targeted nature of the kidnappings and killings has not only affected the victims’ families but also raised concerns among the wider community about their safety in the region. The government and security forces are under pressure to address this issue promptly and effectively to restore confidence and ensure the safety of all citizens.

The ongoing efforts to locate the abductees and apprehend the culprits are crucial steps in addressing this crisis. The authorities’ response will be pivotal in determining the region’s future stability and the safety of its residents and visitors.