Tesla S 75D has just arrived in Pakistan

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Car lovers and enthusiasts must hold their breaths. The first Tesla has landed in Pakistan and It’s a white 2017 Tesla S 75D. However, there is a big problem. No one knows the original price of this car but they are expensive. According to Pakistan Customs Tariff 2016-17 (PCT code heading/subheading– 8703.9020), there is 50 percent customs duty on electric vehicles in light of their MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price). So if you buy this car for let’s say 8 million, you will have to pay 4 million custom duty. That’s a lot but not for those who have been waiting for the launch of this car in Pakistan.

Are you confused about buying this car? Let us help than by telling you a few pros and cons of this series.

If you are getting late for office and don’t have the time to stop at the petrol pump for refueling, then 2017 Tesla S 75D is exactly the right vehicle to be in. Since the cars are electric, you don’t have to worry about the fuel. Moreover, they don’t pollute the air, environment and are eco-friendly. It only has a brake fluid, and nothing else.

However, the biggest benefit of this car is the maintenance cost. If you are wary of going to a mechanic shop and don’t want to spend the entire day there, this car will help you avoid that since Tesla electric cars are easy to maintain.

With Pros come Cons. Pakistan has zero Tesla support. So if your car catches fire or meets an accident, it will cost a lot because you have to import the damaged part. Also, there are no superchargers for electric cars in Pakistan so you have to charge the car at your home which is a major drawback.

So, the new car is here and we have elaborated the pros and cons of this vehicle too. Decide whether you want to buy this one.

If you want our advice, then it is better not to buy this car until Tesla opens up its branch in Pakistan.


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