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Monday, June 24, 2024

Texas woman charged with attempted murder in hate crime against Palestinian Muslim child

According to witnesses, Elizabeth Wolf, 42, heavily intoxicated, attempted to drown a young girl & had a confrontation with the mother.

In a disturbing incident in Euless, Texas, a woman has been charged with attempted capital murder and injury to a child after allegedly trying to drown a three-year-old Palestinian Muslim girl. The case has drawn significant attention, with civil rights groups calling for hate crime charges and heightened safety measures for the Muslim community.

Incident Overview

On May 19, police responded to a disturbance at an apartment complex pool in Euless. According to witnesses, Elizabeth Wolf, 42, who was heavily intoxicated, attempted to drown a young girl and engaged in a confrontation with the child’s mother. The mother, identified as Mrs. H., was visibly Muslim, wearing a hijab and modest swimwear.

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Wolf reportedly questioned Mrs. H. about her origin, made racist remarks, and tried to grab her six-year-old son. When the boy escaped, Wolf allegedly turned her attention to the three-year-old daughter, forcing her underwater. Mrs. H. managed to rescue her daughter, who was coughing up water and calling for help.

Charges and Legal Proceedings

Elizabeth Wolf was initially arrested for public intoxication as she attempted to flee the scene. She has since been charged with attempted capital murder and injury to a child. Wolf posted a $40,000 bail and was released from Tarrant County Jail. It remains unclear if she has legal representation.

Calls for Hate Crime Investigation

The Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has identified the family as Palestinian and Muslim. CAIR has urged state and federal authorities to investigate the incident as a hate crime, emphasizing the need for protection of the Muslim community. Shaimaa Zayan, CAIR’s Austin operations manager, highlighted the increase in Islamophobic, anti-Arab, and anti-Palestinian sentiment, urging for a higher bail bond and an open dialogue with officials.

Community and Political Reactions

The incident has sparked outrage and concern within the local community and beyond. Texas State Representative Salman Bhojani expressed his shock and dismay at the racist, Islamophobic attack. He commended the Euless Police Department for their swift action and reiterated that hate has no place in Texas.

Broader Context of Rising Hate Crimes

This case comes amid a troubling rise in anti-Muslim and anti-Arab incidents across the United States. CAIR reported a record number of complaints of discrimination and hate incidents last year. The ongoing conflict in Gaza has further intensified sentiments, with similar hate crimes being reported, including the murder of a six-year-old Muslim boy in Illinois.

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Mrs. H. described the profound trauma her family has experienced. Her daughter is now terrified, running to hide whenever the apartment door opens, fearing another attack. The family’s sense of safety has been deeply compromised. “We are American citizens, originally from Palestine, and I don’t know where to go to feel safe with my kids,” Mrs. H. said. The ongoing violence in their homeland and the hate they face in the U.S. have left them feeling besieged.