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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Tezgam inferno case: Resignations tendered on moral basis, laments Justice Kiyani

The Islamabad high court has reserved its decision in the Tezgam Inferno tragedy case. Justice Kayani said that resignations can be tendered on moral grounds

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (Online): Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani of Islamabad High Court (IHC) has remarked resignation is tendered on a moral basis but ethics have not reached such a level in Pakistan.

IHC has reserved judgment on the petition related to the investigation into the Tezgam Express inferno case Friday.

Railway minister should resign?

IHC bench led by Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani took up the case for hearing Friday.

Justice Kayani remarked interior ministry is conducting its own inquiry, Police its own and Railway is carrying out its own inquiry.

The counsel for the petitioner told the court the railway minister should resign due to his conduct during the incident.

Justice Kayani remarked all the ministers will have to tender resignation if the resignation has to be given due to conduct.

Resignation is given always on moral grounds but in Pakistan, ethical norms have not reached such level. All the investigations into motorway incidents are taking place in the media only. Entire Pakistan has become an investigation officer in this matter.

The Interior ministry and railway ministry presented a report about the Tezgam Express inferno in the court. As per the report 15 persons were held responsible for the incident. 5 head constables, 1 Tablighee Jamat member, and 2 private waiters were held directly responsible for this tragedy.

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It was told in the report deputy divisional superintendent Karachi, divisional commercial officer Karachi, SHO Hyderabad, and Khanpur were found involved in negligence of duty. Responsibility of irregularity has been fixed on reservation supervisor Qamar Shah. Necessary proceedings have been initiated against all the responsible persons.

Justice Kayani inquired interior ministry and railway ministry are holding inquiry separately and in this situation can order be issued for the constitution of the inquiry commission.

Defense counsel Hanif Rahi told the court order to be issued for an independent probe into the tragedy in the supreme interest.

He further said 8 dead bodies have yet to be identified. The compensation to their family members is also paid.

The court reserved judgment after hearing the arguments of the lawyers.

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