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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Thank you Nawaz Sharif for showing your real colors

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi|

If anyone had any doubts about this man, Nawaz Sharif’s sanity and desperation to save his wealth and from going to jail along with Maryam Safdar, his Dawn interview on the Mumbai attacks should be enough!

In an earlier piece, I had written

……”And that is why he’s so dangerous now with all his talk of “Nazriyathi” etc. He knows there’s only place in a grave and he doesn’t hold the better cards.

Therefore he will attempt to create chaos within the country to save himself and his children from certain conviction, finally, for his misdeeds.

Perhaps even asking his friends across the border to do something foolhardy.

A desperate man is capable of anything. And Nawaz is desperate…..”

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But he’s not stupid. Spin doctors from PMLN will say he was quoted out of context. He himself will offer a similar clarification.  But Nawaz knew exactly why he said what he said.

“I’m your man, America…I’m your man. Only I can stand up to our military establishment. Only I can have peaceful ties with India. Only I can help you defang our nuclear assets….”

He hopes that by some miracle, selling his version of “Nawaz Munjan”, international pressure will be brought to bear on the powers that be to give him some relief from conviction and jail.

But he’s really not concerned about his political future. That he knows is under funeral preparations. It’s his wealth that he cherishes more than anything. Even above his children’s well being. Children brought up on a diet of deceit and lies. Brought up to steal, thieve, using the name of God in this unholy partnership.

What kind of father asks his children to publicly lie for him to save his ill gotten, money laundered wealth?

What kind of father would sell his daughter, decked up like a model, to drooling, but now rapidly diminishing crowds?

So if this man can sell his soul, his children, what stops him from selling out Pakistan to save himself?

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He HAD hoped, and I say HAD, that by maligning the army, playing the victim card, selling Maryam Safdar, he would gain the support of the anti-military segment in our society and convert that into an effective election slogan.

But he’s overreached. As all megalomaniacs eventually do. He’s overreached grievously, perhaps dealing a fatal blow to whatever fast receding chances he had of some electoral redress.

Pakistani voters, especially rural may be servile and slavish. In some cases also simple. Or in most cases held hostage by a feudal exploitative culture, and forced to vote for a candidate who is their only access to public services.

But they will not support a traitor who knowingly targets and maligns his own country’s institutions, and supports its biggest enemy, India.

Consequently, a candidate who now supports Nawaz is committing political suicide. The two flops in Jhelum and Multan are clear evidence of how the political tide has turned.

But he’s still dangerous, as a wounded snake is.

In his desperation to save his wealth, from going to jail with Maryam, he may up the ante and say and do something which could prove even more dangerous for Pakistan.

Nawaz is clearly now an existential threat to Pakistan and the sooner he gets due justice the better.

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Thank you, Nawaz Sharif, for helping us get rid of you. A few more like this and you’ll be hard put to fill your own Raiwind drawing room with enough people.

Thank you Nawaz Sharif, for signing your own death warrant!

Begone you horrible man! You’ve done enough damage to this country.

Begone you wretched being, before your bile causes more damage.

Begone you evil man along with that unhealthy evil clan you have spawned!


Haider Mehdi

Haider Mehdi is the current Convenor of The Strategy Study Group, founded by the late Col. S. G. Mehdi M. C, former Group Commander of Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG). Haider is a former Pakistan Army officer, corporate leader, management consultant, business trainer, and serial entrepreneur. The views expressed in this article are authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.