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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Best Food for Your Brain during the Exams

It is that season again: papers are being handed in, notes actively taken, materials revised, or frantically googled. Yes, you have guessed right – the exams. It is the mood killer of any student, even for those who generally like studying.  Essay writers from EssayShark will feed you not only with promises, but provide reliable essay help during the exams, that is much more important than food for such an expert essay writing service. And nearly every Essay Shark review you check out will back up these words. So what should students know in their examining period? Is there a way to ace them?

Naturally, there is. The revision and proper studies are still the best, but if you would like to get a little bit of an edge, you are in the right place. When talking about exams, there is no better help than proper food. So, pardon the pun, but here is some food for thought for the best food for your brain.

Things to Note

Eating “brain-boosting” food can certainly help during your exams, but they are definitely not a substitute for actual studying. Remember to revise and prepare as much as you can, or else no amount of snacks and meals will help!

The best food for your brain is still not a momentary fix. It takes weeks, if not months of proper nutrition to take effect. Simply taking a couple of bites will not solve anything. With all of that in mind, let us get started.

Best Brain Fuel


There are many things that a student tends to feel during the exams: a sense of stress or even anxiety, a lack of focus, etc. To help combat that, one can take multiple steps, but today we are focusing ourselves on food. So, here are a few items to consider when looking for that bit of edge:

Protein-rich foods: eggs, fish, meat, also plant-based options like legumes, seeds, and nuts. Proteins are the building blocks of our body, and that includes the brain. Eating enough proteins throughout the day helps build brain links that, as a result, help during studying and exams.

Grains: cereals, porridge, oatmeal, etc. These are perfect options for a relatively low-calorie meal that includes enough nutrients and energy to help you go through a rough day of exams. Do note that while these options are generally rich in carbohydrates, carbs are generally not a good option during studies and especially exams. In this regard, avoid sugary sweets and sugar-rich products while studying.

Fruits and vegetables. An undying dietary classic, fruits and vegetables are a good choice for those who prefer to snack instead of eating the traditional three meals a day. They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients, and, in the case of fruits, not as bad as sweets. If you are looking for a good source of vitamins or just craving a bit of that sugar, go for an apple or a banana, and you will not be disappointed.

Fats. Now, we know what you are thinking. “Fats are bad, are they not?” Not all of them, actually. Monounsaturated, unprocessed fats, like avocado oil or olive oil, and omega-3 fats found in animal-based products (eggs, beef, but most of all fish oil) all help improve your brain functioning, boost your memory, and even make it work harder.

Chocolate. Not just any chocolate, though, but specifically dark chocolate. It is not always sweet, and many people seem to dislike it, but dark chocolate is one of the ultimate brain boosters there is. It is a rich source of antioxidants, can lower blood pressure and improve health. Improving blood pressure leads to another benefit: the blood flow to your brain is improved, potentially improving your brain functioning. As such, dark chocolate, consumed in moderation, is one of the best brain foods during the exams.

Some Helpful Tips

Now that we have discussed some of the best foods for your brain during exams, there are a few more things to note that can potentially help.

Drink enough water. It is impossible to stress that enough: our body requires water for nearly everything that it does. Start your day with a glass of water or two, and stay hydrated throughout the day. This is going to help immensely during studies and exams.

Do not avoid caffeine. Some people dislike caffeine-rich drinks like coffee or tea, and there are people who avoid it for a number of reasons. However, caffeine, when consumed in moderate amounts, helps you stay alert and focused, which is exactly what you need during an important exam.

Always get enough sleep. This is yet another point that cannot be stressed enough. If there is something that a brain needs more than a good meal, it is a proper amount of rest after a long day. Eating a bit of chocolate and drinking a bottle of water will never be a substitute for a healthy night’s sleep. Make sure to sleep at least 6-8 hours a night.

So, these are our best foods for the brain. Take all of this into consideration, and you will ace any exam. Remember though: proper revision is still the absolute best.