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Saturday, April 13, 2024

The blue-eyed ‘Chai wala’, Arshad Khan, owns a café in Islamabad

The viral sensation, Arshad Khan, or 'Chaiwala', a young tea seller, has opened up his café in Islamabad's Sunday Bazaar.

The viral sensation, Arshad Khan a young tea seller, has opened up his café in Islamabad’s Sunday Bazaar, he revealed this Sunday in an interview with ‘Urdu News.’

A few years back, the blue-eyed young boy had become a social media sensation in South Asia after a photographer released his image on the internet.chai

Khan shot to fame due to his stellar looks. Soon after getting viral on social media, Khan racked up several modeling projects from a local production company.


Khan has named his café ‘Chai Wala Rooftop’, which he says is his identity in an interview with a digital media outlet, Urdu News last week. Khan went off the radar for a few years after 2016 he returned with news of his café and social media users are delighted to hear about his success story.

A photographer Jiah Khan had first spotted him in 2016. The photographer clicked his picture while he was making tea in a blue shalwar-Kameez.

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Arshad said, “Many people asked me to name my café as Arshad Khan and told me to change the current name. But I refused because ‘Chaiwala’ is my identity.”

He added that he regrets not attaining education, however, he wishes that other children should learn and get educate themselves. Khan went on to say that with education young people should also learn various skills that would help them in the future.



Talking about his café, Khan said, “We have used truck artwork to design the café and also placed desi tables and chairs.” He informed that his café offers 15-20 dishes besides tea.

When asked about his plans, Khan said he is currently focusing on his café but he will soon complete his pending entertainment projects.

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