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Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates | Liz.Pichon

Book review by Stefano, Age 8

Lyndhurst Primary School, London

Tom Gates is a great book that is about a boy who has an embarrassing and emotional family and a very grumpy old sister. There are no chapters inside (Tom gates is not only the name of 3the book but it is also the name of the boy in the book ). There are many books written about Tom Gates- the first one is about his Brilliant world. The order you read the books does not matter since they are all so funny.He has a best friend who is called2 Derek; he is in a band named ‘Dog Zombies’ with Derek and Norman, who are also Tom’s friend. Tom has other friends named Mark, Solid and an enemies called Marcus and June and he likes a girl named Amy. It’s a great book about how Tom tries to go and see the band. It will have you laughing so much that your stomach will hurt -so you should 4definitely read it. I love Tom Gates, I have been collecting a lot of the books,already I think I’ve got around seven or eight at the moment.