The clash of civilization

The British parliamentarians did not bother about the genocide despite the three British Muslims being horribly killed in the genocide just because they were Muslims. Many Hindu-Gujaratis were involved in the massacre that they fled to the US, for instance in Ode and other places.

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There is a strange turn of events in India and Pakistan of what Martha Nussbaum calls ‘clash within’.  What happened in 2002 Gujarat was a clash within. It happened because the Gujaratis mastered rote learning and hence lacked behind in critical thinking. Since then, what happened is what RSS ideologue Golwalkar wanted a peacock to feed it so much and love that it would sing what he wanted to do again and again. The RSS of which CM Yogi and PM Modi are the product of homogeneity have multiplied like the paper “Modi-masque” and saffron robe-clad supporters attending canvassing for votes in UP. It is multiplied when the Hindus wore it as if it was the best work they were doing. It was a sheer lack of critical thinking.

It has come home to roost now. “UP will turn into Kashmir, Bengal, or Kerala if BJP doesn’t come to power, @myogiadityanath tells voters. UP should be so lucky!! Pat came the reply of no other than the chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan who rolled out the great achievement of his state where education is a priority and not rote learning, where health is a remarkable achievement and cleanliness is remarkable. Another native of Kerala is Sashi Tharoor who proudly said the gems of his state are Kashmir’s beauty, Bengal’s culture & Kerala’s education would do wonders for the place. UP’s wonderful: pity about its Govt,” the MP from Thiruvananthapuram said.

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The importance of exchange between Yogi and Tharoor

This exchange between Yogi and Tharoor coincided with the Westminster meeting of British MPs on India completing 20 years after the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. The British parliamentarians did not bother about the genocide despite the three British Muslims being horribly killed in the genocide just because they were Muslims. Many Hindu-Gujaratis were involved in the massacre that they fled to the US, for instance in Ode and other places.

The US first did not allow Modi to visit despite the huge number of the diaspora of Gujarati-Hindus. And when the US allowed him to visit the top priority was to have those very criminals who fled, be given US citizenship. While in Britain the Gujarati Muslims want that as 2022 marks twenty years. The British Muslims of Gujarati origin want that at least the remains of their relatives should be sent to them to bury.

India has recommended the US to declare different Muslim groups as terrorists but has never taken up the RSS or BD or VHP as terrorists. This is viscerally relevant because these organizations of India receive enormous funds from the Indians in US and the European countries, the Indian Diaspora. Sonal Shah and her father have been AVHP office holders of America and have sent money that was redirected from Delhi to Gujarat for the purpose of the holocaust there. The marauders had pouches of dry fruits, drinks, and cash sourced from the same funds when they undertook the mission to slaughter Muslims in Gujarat.

The greatest irony is that for all that Modi and his henchmen did in the pogroms, it was Pakistan blamed for it, particularly ISI. This is so even when the collector of Godhra Ms. Ravi maintained the whole day that it was an accident. Even Martha Nussbaum added her own finding that the Muslims and Hindus spoke Gujarati and also opined that there were cans of kerosine stocked up under the seats of the train in Godhra. What is more even the central government railway department appointed, a commission of inquiry under Justice UC Banerji who found that there was no proof of petrol being thrown from outside. Modi is from the oil extracting community like the Ghanchi Muslims of Godhra. He also remarked that it was a criminal class of Muslims! How ironic.

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The Clash Within Democracy, Religious Violence, and India’s Future – Bing video This video presentation of Martha Nussbaum includes many clues that the Muslims of Godhra spoke just like Hindu Gujaratis and what is more the Muslims there opened their water taps to extinguish the fire on the train. There was no difference between the two communities in the offering of help to douse the fire.

Moreover, the Modi government hurriedly discarded the burnt train as it hastened the election when even the refugees were not settled despite the assurance of the PM Vajpayee who later went to the Goa conclave of his party for express purpose of asking Modi to step down. Nay, he even opined how the Muslims had their intestines filled with the blood of their neighbors. They did not live peacefully with their neighbors. He even joined the chorus who started the fire!


Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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