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Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Correct Tactics for Overseas Pakistanis

The author advises overseas Pakistanis to emphasize how ongoing instability in Pakistan may endanger US financial interests, suggesting that this approach is more likely to secure support for the release of Imran Khan and fair elections.

Overseas Pakistanis are probably over 90% in favour of Imran Khan as they perceive him to be honest. He has hardly any assets abroad, whereas the ruling PDM leaders are regarded by Pakistanis as a bunch of dacoits who have looted Pakistan, and have siphoned off huge amounts of money abroad ( as the Panama Papers and other credible evidence discloses ). Hence overseas Pakistanis are bravely carrying on a campaign in USA, Canada, UK, middle east countries, and elsewhere for release of Imran Khan ( who has been incarcerated in Attock jail on bogus charges ), and for holding free and fair elections in Pakistan at the earliest.


In this connection I wish to give them an advice : they have been crying hoarse against the fascist reign of terror unleashed by the Pakistan Establishment and police, and violation of civil liberties and human rights in Pakistan.

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While I too condemn violation of human rights, I submit this is a wrong approach. While Westerners may talk a lot about human rights, they do not really mean what they say, and do not care about violation of human rights as long as their financial interests are not adversely affected. What they really care about is money. So long as their investments in Pakistan are safe, they really do not care if thousands of Pakistanis are arrested, beaten, tortured, killed or ‘disappeared’.

The correct tactics for overseas Pakistanis is therefore this :  they should talk less about violation of human rights, and instead explain, particularly to US Congressmen, Government officials, businessmen, and the American public ( and also people in other countries ) how US financial investments in Pakistan ( and in the long run also in some neighbouring countries ) are being endangered and jeopardised by the continuing agitations and instability in Pakistan.

For this purpose, overseas Pakistanis need to do research, and find out details of these US investments in Pakistan ( and also in some neighbouring countries ), publicise them, and explain to US officials and Congressmen that business requires peace and stability.

With almost 90% Pakistanis supporting Imran Khan ( as all opinion polls indicate ), there will certainly not be peace and stability in Pakistan as long he is kept in jail, and early parliamentary elections are not held. And if the present agitations and volatile situation in Pakistan continues, it may well spill over into neighbouring countries, thus further jeopardising US financial interests.

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So it is in their own interest that the American Government should give up their present hostility towards Imran Khan, advise the Pakistan Government to release him and withdraw all cases against him, and hold early free and fair parliamentary elections.

Imran Khan’s PTI will certainly sweep the polls in these elections, and he will become Prime Minister again.

Only then can there be peace and stability in Pakistan, and only then will American economic interests in the region be safe.

Markandey Katju is an Indian jurist and former Supreme Court judge of India who served as chairman for the Press Council of India. He has also worked as Standing Counsel for the Income Tax Department.