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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Effects And Risks Of Drinking Red Wine During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is considered to be the most wonderful stage of being a mother. If you ask some random girls a question if getting pregnant is important, for sure they will respond yes as it is every other girl’s dream to bear, carry, and raise a child.  A woman can say that her womanhood is fulfilled when she is able to carry a child in her womb. 


Also, if you are a working pregnant woman, it is inevitable that you face a lot of stress especially if you are in the first quarter of being pregnant. You find the best ways after your work to relive it and make sure you get away with the anxiety you are feeling. For some pregnant women, they wanted to get away with stress by sipping a glass of red wine. 


Now the question goes for some pregnant women who do that same routine of drinking wines to relieve stress. How should it affect your health when you are pregnant? Would it jeopardize the health of your baby? Let’s discuss to you the benefits and risk of drinking red wine when you are pregnant and assessing whether it’s safe or not. 

Red Wine Upon Pregnancy

It is always true that when you do your job of searching for answers in any given media whether drinking wine is safe for pregnant women, a lot of divided opinions would come along your way. Most people will say that you should not totally drink or sip an ounce of red wine because you and your baby’s health will be at risk. While for others drinking even many glasses of wine won’t cause any problems. As you go along and read a lot of opinions about this, should you take a risk? Let’s see what are the benefits and risks before you sip that tempting glass of wine. 

The Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Generally, red wine is known to have a lot of benefits. One of these is lowering the risk of heart disease and increase the number of good cholesterol because of the antioxidants present in it. Sokolin’s highest rated wine producers also believed that wines have the capability to fight any artery damage and severe obesity. 


Is It Safe During Pregnancy? 

According to some studies conducted, it safe for pregnant women to drink even multiple glasses of wine without harming the baby. In some cases, a child is able to perform very well when the mother consumes alcoholic beverages before, during, and after pregnancy. To support this, it is said that red wine has an active ingredient called “Resveratrol” which is responsible to protect the pregnant women from being obese.  

Effects of Red Wine During Fetal Development

When you drink red wine, it quickly reaches your fetus by going through the placenta. In this case, the liver of your baby can’t process the alcohol well and blood-alcohol concentration increases very well. At the same time, the red wine blocks the entry of oxygen which makes it hard for the baby to breath. 


So, even before you have known that you are pregnant, your baby’s tissue and organ started to develop and consuming red wine or any alcoholic drinks is bad and risky for you.  When you continue to drink red wine in the course of your pregnancy, your baby might develop several abnormalities and show mental retardation signs. 

Effects of Red Wine During Second Trimester Pregnancy 

During this pregnancy period, your baby is the process of developing and continuing to grow his important organs and muscle tissues. The same thing, it’s risky to drink red wine and other alcoholic beverages as this will hinder the ability of the baby’s body to complete the growth healthily. 


A glass of red wine may be enticing to you during this year as you may that your baby has fully developed. You may take the risk, but as a result, your baby might suffer. It is still best to get rid of this to make sure that you will not put your baby’s health in jeopardy. 

Effects of Red Wine During Third Trimester Pregnancy 

This is the most crucial stage of pregnancy and at the same time, it is where you are enticed so well so sip a glass of wine. As you may feel that it’s already safe to drink because your baby is fully developed and you are on the verge of bearing him already, you should consult your doctor. If you can’t really stop your temptation, seeking a doctor’s advice is very important as they know best what’s for you. 


Again and again, it’s always safe to get away from drinking red wine and other alcoholic beverages that might affect your baby’s health. If you are a working pregnant woman and if you would like to get away with the stress you are feeling, it’s best that you find alternatives like eating healthy foods.