The Jinnah’s Pakistan that we all knew!

Mr. Jinnah went to different areas of the subcontinent and raised the issues of common people. He knew that the public suffered a lot under the British Raj. He had a soft corner for the suppressed. He bravely fought their case in front of British rulers who broke mountains of cruelty on the public of the sub-continent, especially, on the Muslim community.

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Neither do we need old Pakistan nor new Pakistan. All we want is Jinnah’s Pakistan. A Pakistan that is safe for women, children, transgender people, and all proletarians. Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vision was clear: all the people of Pakistan would be treated equally regardless of their cast, creed, race, or religion. He believed that every citizen of Pakistan is equal before the law and there should be no discrimination in a court of law. Everyone is free to go to their holy places without any restrictions. He had a firm belief in women’s rights and that is why he kept Fatimah Jinnah along with him during the whole journey of the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. She remained with him as his shadow. She helped him in each and every matter and worked as his political advisor. Mr. Jinnah kept her as a symbol and a representative of Muslim women.

Mr. Jinnah went to different areas of the subcontinent and raised the issues of common people. He knew that the public suffered a lot from British Raj. He had a soft corner for the suppressed. He bravely fought their case in front of British rulers who broke mountains of cruelty on the public of the sub-continent, especially, to the Muslim community. He gave them a gift of a separate homeland where each and every person who faced the cruelty of British rulers or their facilitators shall live freely, same as in Reyasat-e-Madina, without any discrimination.

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Quaid never stopped worrying about the common people

He had taken immediate and major decisions which gave quick relief to the commoners. He strictly ordered the civil-military bureaucracy and political leadership to serve the nation with full zeal and zest. His mission was clear: he never wanted anyone deprived of their basic rights which all humans have inherited and were inalienable. He believed that all these basic rights are the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the country and if these rights are disregarded, it will cause outrage in the conscience of mankind.

What is happening in Pakistan today? Elites are growing by leaps and bounds rather than in Pakistan. Women are being suppressed with guns and foul language while discrimination on the basis of sex is at its peak. Children are insecure in this country like rats in a cat’s cage. Transgenders are being treated as untouchables and third-class citizens. The standard of living of laborers and farmers falls day by day.

A medical student was sexually harassed and beaten by an industrialist. The owner of a cow was beaten brutally by a sitting minister’s guard only because his cow entered his royal farmhouse. A social worker was killed by a political tycoon because he raised his voice about illegal hunting. Protesters were killed by using state machinery only to suppress the weight of the protest.

Is this Jinnah’s Pakistan? Is the this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Absolutely not. This is not the Islamic Republic. This is a banana republic. A country with thousands of laws but their implementation is zero. Pakistan has dozens of laws for different types of issues but these laws are only to fill the books. All these laws are only for the poor and not for elite cartels. These laws are to only be imposed on and punish the small thieves and not the giant criminals who ruined the country with their power and money which was stolen from the public and now they are using the public money to control the public. They know they have money and a monopoly all over the country. They know the governments and premiers are in their pockets because they set the grounds for elections by using their money and people.

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Neither a Khan can change the kismet of this country nor a Sultan or Khalifa

The only way to change this country is to stand up for one’s own rights and not be afraid of the beasts. If you are on the right path, no one can dare to harm you. If we silence our voices only to save our lives, respect, or bread and butter, let me be clear: Allah Subhan o tallah took responsibility for all of these blessings in the Quran. So stand up for yourselves, for your children, and especially for your country.

Nowadays, the world is progressing on a daily basis. They adopt new technologies and techniques to maintain law and order and improve the economy of their society. They are creating ease for their people in each and every field of life, but we, the Pakistanis, are moving in reverse and backward with all our energies. I don’t think that we will progress in the current scenario in the near future because our economy has already collapsed. The poor became poorer, development projects were stopped, infrastructure was already at risk of extinction, inflation is on the peak, and law and order is out of control.

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We want a Pakistan where we all become free and no one dares to violate the law, where each and every person is accountable and where there is the rule of law, where there is female representation, where there are leaders like Jinnah and Liaquat Ali Khan, Justices like Sir Abdul Rashid Khan and bureaucrats like Qudrat ullah Shahab. Only by raising our voices and bringing down our enemies, such as British Samraj, will we be able to form a brotherhood like East and West Pakistan.



The writer is an alumnus of Forman Christian College Lahore. He is currently, pursuing BA LLB. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.

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