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Friday, July 19, 2024

The Man who Donated $9 Million to NUST

Tanweer Ahmed, a Houston-based businessman and philanthropist, makes headlines with a $9 million donation to a Pakistani university, showcasing his success, generosity, and commitment to education.

In recent days, Tanweer Ahmed, the American-Pakistani businessman tycoon, has garnered attention in Pakistan for his generous donation of $9 million to a Pakistani university. Additionally, the recent visit of General Asim Munir, the Pakistan Army Chief, to the United States has added to the headlines.

The Houston-based multi-millionaire, Mr. Tanweer Ahmed, has become a notable figure in the United States, but how did he achieve success on such a grand scale?

General Asim Munir’s visit to Washington brought significant focus to the business entrepreneur, fueled by misleading statements on social media. Mr. Tanweer Ahmed took to social media to counter the false narratives, providing his own account of the meeting with the army chief. He emphasized the candid and extensive discussions the Army Chief had with the diaspora Pakistani American community over three hours. Mr. Ahmed highlighted the overwhelming demand to attend the meeting at the Pakistani Embassy in Washington DC.

During the same meeting, the army chief commended Mr. Ahmed for his $9 million donation to Islamabad’s National University of Science & Technology (NUST), specifically to support students from underprivileged backgrounds through scholarships. General Munir praised Tanweer Ahmed, stating, “Pakistan is proud of heroes like you.”

NUST has confirmed that Tanweer Ahmed has entered into a partnership with the university through an Endowment Fund for underprivileged students, benefiting nearly 200 students with scholarships annually. This $9 million donation stands as one of the largest contributions by any overseas Pakistani to a Pakistani university.

The Army Chief commended Mr. Ahmed for his support in establishing the Science and Technology Park, expanding campuses, and aiding financially challenged students. He stated, “Your efforts in humanitarian assistance and interest in academia of Pakistan is a true reflection and favor for the people of Pakistan.”

Last month, Governor Kamran Tessori conferred a doctorate degree and a gold medal on Tanweer Ahmed for his philanthropic work, including the $9 million donation to NUST University’s new IT Tower.

Tanweer Ahmed’s philanthropic initiatives extend beyond NUST University; he has already built a state-of-the-art hospital in Sialkot. Mr. Ahmed plans to expand the scholarship scheme to other universities, with the donation scheme running permanently at NUST. He aims to assist talented and deserving Pakistani students, particularly in advanced sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT), and latest technologies.

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Tanweer Ahmed is a prominent American-Pakistani businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, involved with major companies, non-profit organizations, and hospitals. He owns the largest cricket complex in Houston, the Prairie View Cricket Complex, and the Houston Hurricanes cricket franchise. Additionally, he is the founder of a food chain brand and owns franchises like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC. Mr. Ahmed also owns California’s largest transport company and has business interests in the energy sector and medicine industry. Notably, he contributed over $50 million in aid to Pakistan during the devastating floods in 2022.

Tanweer Ahmed’s journey began humbly in the US as a student working in a restaurant.

Born in Sialkot to a lower-middle-class agrarian family, Tanweer Ahmed faced financial challenges. His father, Mohammad Waris, recognized the importance of education and worked hard to enroll Tanweer in the best private school in the area. Despite difficulties, Tanweer Ahmed sold vegetables at the age of 10 to raise money for his school fees.

At 18 in 1988, Tanweer Ahmed left for London and later moved to the United States with only $23 in his pocket. After struggling in New York City, he settled in San Francisco, taking up jobs at a desi restaurant and gas stations. He quickly rose in the fast-food industry, becoming the General Manager (GM) of Taco Bell and expanding his business to 153 stores with over 5,000 employees.

Beyond the business world, Tanweer Ahmed pursued his passion for cricket, establishing the Prairie View Cricket Complex, turning Houston into the cricket capital of the USA. He also played a role in the banking sector, gaining the trust of the then-vice chair of the Federal Reserve.

Mr. Ahmed’s contributions extend to uplifting American-Pakistanis and his ancestral homeland. He built mosques, upgraded schools, and opened a free dialysis center in Pakistan. During floods, he leveraged his contacts with congresspersons to bring aid and initiated projects like building model villages for flood victims.

For Tanweer Ahmed, the key to business success lies in a step-by-step approach, meticulous planning, and diversification. His decision to donate to NUST’s IT Tower reflects his passion for education and IT, aiming to empower Pakistani students from humble backgrounds to excel in advanced fields.

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