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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Mayor and Bishop of London hosts first multi-faith Iftar at St. Pauls Cathedral

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Bishop of London Rt Rev Sarah Mullally and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan hosted a first-ever interfaith Ramadan event at St. Pauls Cathedral. The event was organized on Tuesday to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan in the UK.

The event was organized to strengthen the interfaith harmony in the face of rising religious extremism and intolerance. It was attended by hundreds of young student having different religious backgrounds. The occasion, besides serving Iftar to the attendees, also provided an opportunity to the young Londoners to discuss their respective faith and give suggestions over how to increase the interfaith harmony in London.

Talking to media at the event, Mayor Sadiq Khan stated, “I want to pay huge tribute to the Bishop of London and everyone at St Paul’s Cathedral for opening up this really special cathedral and spiritual home of many Londoners.”

“As a city, we don’t just tolerate difference, but we respect it, celebrate it and we embrace it.” ” We believe in pluralism and believe the fact that we have more in common than that which divides us and separates us.

“The message from London is that we are going to put down bridges rather than build walls.” Each year the function is held at different religious locations in London but it was for the first time St.Pauls Cathedral hosted the event.

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Bishop Sarah said: “It’s so important, particularly at this moment that we put events on where people of different faiths and no faith can come together. “Because actually by talking you find out what you have in common but you also find out what you don’t and you can celebrate that difference.

“In a world where there are increasing divisions, it is so important that we provide these opportunities to be able to celebrate what we have in common together.”