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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The only person who is glad that Barack Obama isn’t the U.S president seems to be Barack Obama himself

Amid the continuous rants by US President Donald Trump on being treated unfairly by the media or why is cabinet isn’t getting approval or the series of controversial executive orders (and let’s not forget the bathrobe!), photos of a glowing Obama kite-surfing and having a blast on his vacation with Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson has people feeling the burn like no other.

The latest set of images of Obama engaging in a kite-surfing battle with Branson

First there were the photos of the former US president and first lady happily chatting away, then those adorable ones with Obama sporting a backward cap that got people nostalgic, and the latest set of images of Obama engaging in a kite-surfing battle with Branson has Twitter just plain jealous and utterly, if the reactions on Twitter are anything to go by.

From those who have been posting ‘miss you’ messages to those that completely understand his ‘distance’ from whatever’s happening in the United States, the photos of an ebullient Obama has overtaken Twitter timelines across the world, and tweeple have responded with a barrage of memes (obviously!).

But before we get to those, this is when Branson challenged Obama to a “battle of the waves”.


And then the Internet just couldn’t handle it.





Barack Obama remained in the oval office as U.S President from January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017.

This piece was published in Indian Express.