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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Types Of Shower Heads

When shopping for a showerhead you will see that there are different types, that serve interesting functions and are coupled with interesting features. While it will depend on your taste, it will also depend on your bathroom and what you need most. For instance, you might be thinking about how to replacing a bath with walk in shower and want to know what kind of showerhead is suitable. For that reason today I want to write a comprehensive guide about types of showerheads and which one is the right for you. They all deliver different functions, but the main purpose is always the same, to get yourself clean and relax. So without keeping you further let’s take a look.

The Types Of Shower Heads

Handheld Shower Heads

This is maybe the most popular type of shower head you can get and you will find the most variety when you are looking for this type of showerhead. This offers the most flexibility since they have a handle that you can use for more detailed showering. It is also the perfect option for households with children, pets, and people that have special needs and can’t take care of themselves as these offer you the most versatile option. While some of these showerheads are wall-mounted with a fixed holder, some of them will have rail mountings that you can adjust the height of the shower if you want a rain-like experience. You can easily install these with the help of hiring a trusted plumbing company like The Pleasant Plumber, one of the affordable choices to take.

Rain Shower Heads

These are a close second in popularity because they offer the most relaxing experience you can get in a shower. The rain experience from this showerhead is just priceless. You can get a rain showerhead in multiple designs, from the more classic metal and round designs, to more angular and contemporary, they are generally large, but out of the way so you won’t have to worry about that. They also come in different sizes, and if your shower cabin allows for one, get a jumbo-sized one, for maximal water flow for speed and efficiency. However, before buying one check the dimensions of your shower cabin and height. HomeLivingStyle has a great guide on rain shower heads that which I recommend you check out before making a purchase.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

These showerheads are the best option for businesses such as hotels and gyms, because they are very convenient and very minimalistic in size, as they don’t cover much space. There are tons of types of wall-mounted showerheads, some come with just the rain option, and some come with a handheld attachment so you get the best of both worlds. These look very refined and streamlined and for those that have smaller shower cabins are the best choice.

LED Shower Heads

LED showerheads to deliver an ultra-modern and impressive look to your shower, thanks to their lighting. They come in both rain and handheld shower styles, and the ambient mood you get from these showerheads is exceptional. Do not be concerned about the power consumption of these since their batteries last for a long time. There are many types of these spanning from a single light to RGB and different light effects.

High-Pressure Shower Heads

If you live in a region where the water flow pressure is not always constant and you suffer from low pressure, a High-pressure shower head is perfect for you. They prevent underperformance from low pressure and deliver maximal pressure for better shower experience. Most of these have flow restrictor valves, so be sure to check your local laws for how many GPM it allows.

Bluetooth Shower Heads

If you can’t survive your showers without music and are concerned about the well being of your electronics, then a Bluetooth shower head is an adequate solution for you. It comes in many different styles, and they all have a Bluetooth receiver and a speaker, the receiver pairs with your device, you start your playlist, and voila, musical showers.


While there are many more types of showerheads, these are a good start, and I can see that some of those have already captured your interest.