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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

The whirl of terrorism and RSS’s agenda based politics

The future is not without challenges with RSS agenda-based politics, India’s massive pandemic crisis, especially at the peak of its second wave in April and May 2021, led many to wonder whether the Quad could deliver on its ambitious vaccine production goals, argues Mustafa Khan. The Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which may spawn the rise of terror networks in the troubled nation, may undercut the Quad’s joint commitment to combating terror.

The US chief of joint staffs Mark Milley: “Not effectively dealing with Pakistan as a sanctuary, major strategic issue that we are going to have to really unpack,” he told the US Senate committee. The Prospect of dealing effectively causes great anxiety right now even before that action has begun. What President Biden has not uttered his army chief has done now. But one has to remember that Pakistan has all along since Americans withdrew from Afghanistan made clear that it is not willing to take any more refugees and has its own life to live peacefully and achieve prosperity of its own people. The RSS advocates for agenda-based politics and presents itself as a cultural, not a political, organization that nevertheless advocates a Hindu nationalistic agenda.

In this bilateral relationship, India does not figure anywhere. However, the understanding of the United Nations’ obligation to have a plebiscite in Kashmir is a serious matter of commitment. The UNO should have done its part of the problem. That was the heart of the matter on which India walked back. It was the first PM of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had taken the Kashmir issue to UNO. The unpacking that Milley refers must also encompass the dismantling of the snare that Kashmir is an internal matter of India, it never was and it never will be.

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Why should anyone be allowed to create a war of thousand years?

If India can join the partnership in Quad, etc, Pakistan also has its widening spheres of contact with other countries. Too many cooks will spoil the meal. Furthermore, the deep state in India is RSS, a well-armed and trained militia of right-wing Hindus, who have also reached a more advanced stage of sophisticated weaponized ‘army’ that will again take part in the war with far greater humanitarian problems that even Afghanistan has not faced any time in its life of centuries.

PM Narendra Modi gave a taste of it when even before President Trump left the country the pogroms started right from the Jafferabad sub-station by a call given thereby Kapil Mishra and much earlier, by the minister of state for finance Anuraj Thakur Singh to shoot the traitors, read Muslims of India. It was brewing up since the Delhi election when state finance Minister Singh had also called on Hindus to shoot Muslims.

Even greater than the march of Mussolini of Italy was orchestrated by the RSS cadres in Delhi and Hyderabad. Though the RSS calls itself cultural organization it is a fig leaf that doesn’t hide the real intention. Their training is going on all the time even in such a city as Poona, Hyderabad, Delhi in full view of the world and in full swing.

Despite all these, it is nevertheless necessitous to mention that huge problems of development and even human rights have not been addressed by the two major neighboring countries of the subcontinent, namely India and Pakistan. India has the worst air pollution which must turn it into a nightmare. The Prime Minister allowed the second peak of the coronavirus to develop when massive bathing of the people in the Ganges at Haridwar was allowed to take place. That had led the poor people to flow their dead bodies in the holy river, something that had never happened before in India. There are many more urgent problems facing India!

The situation in the state where the rules of Yogi Adityanath are remarkable in terms of the terror that is gripping the state of UP. What else but terrorism is this? That the police kill in such a shocking situation that Indian Express editor is forced to admit the unchanging terror that is flagrantly going unpunished! Let alone looking for investment from outside India for the development in India?

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Even Indian-born investors will find it difficult to spend

The editorial in Indian Express has an only great emergency in the country to says: “Who will police the Uttar Pradesh police? This question comes up with an increasing and alarming frequency in the state. It is being asked again after a late-night knock on a hotel room in Gorakhpur, during what the police claimed was a routine raid, ended up in the death of a 38-year-old businessman. The man’s family and two of his friends, who were with him in the room, have accused the policemen of assaulting Manish Gupta, resulting in his death.

The police first said he died of a fall. Six policemen have now been suspended and an FIR under IPC Section 302 has been filed against six cops, three identified and three unnamed, after sustained pressure. since 2017, 146 people have been killed in 8,472 “police encounters”, and 3,302 alleged criminals injured in UP police have crossed several red lines, leading to a culture in which extrajudicial killings are celebrated as justice, the National Security Act is slapped on cases of cow slaughter as a way to reinforce an anti-minority political agenda and anti-CAA/NRC protestors named and shamed through public posters. It leads to the spectacle of indignity against a Dalit victim of gang-rape that was seen in Hathras a year ago.”

Of course, things have gone wrong in Pakistan but the game of bandying blames on Pakistan is now making us in India take cognizance of the growing reality to accept the kettle calling the pot black! The home-grown terror is not a different kettle of fish.

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The duo Modi and Yogi are taking India to another apocalyptic misadventure with wild abandonment.

Mustafa Khan holds a Ph.D. on Mark Twain. He lives in Malegaon Maharashtra, India. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.