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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Thieves barge into PTI leader’s House: Only take cell phones of Imran Khan’s Coordinator

Thieves barged into the residence of PTI leader and spokesman, Naeem ul Haq but surprisingly took away only three smartphones belonging to Aoun Chaudhry – Imran Khan’s secretary. Islamabad Police has registered a case for investigation. Pakistani TV channel, ARY News, reported in breaking news on Saturday, 30

Aoun Chaudhry, PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s secretary and coordinator, is also residing with Naeem ul Haq. They both live in a house, in Banigala, not far from Imran Khan’s hilltop residence.  Both returned late from meetings in Lahore, and have reported to police that intrusion took place around 3am in the morning of Sept 30; they are not sure if it was one thief or more than one, but one thief all dressed in black was spotted. Naeem ul Haq, realizing the presence of an intruder shouted, saw him all dressed in black, and chased him. The intruder had entered through the kitchen and was able to escape through the same passage.

Naeem ul Haq and Aoun Chaudhry realized immediately that thief had only picked up Aoun Chaudry’s three phone sets. The thief apparently did not take interest in any other electronic item in any other part of the house and took an unusual risk in entering the room where Aoun Chaudhry was sleeping.

Naeem ul Haq, as the spokesman has defined the face of PTI, but Aoun Chaudhry, not known to the public at large, has a very important role in the party. As secretary and coordinator to party chairman, Imran Khan, he enjoy’s Khan’s trust and manages all his communication with other functionaries of KP government, PTI party officials, and media. Chaudhry maintains Imran’s diary and his schedules and he coordinates all activities through his cell phones and through Apps like WhatsApp. PTI officials, therefore, attach huge importance to the specific theft of these phones; they are not treating this as a normal pecuniary theft but a specific attempt to steal these phone sets. Naeem ul Haq immediately alerted Imran Khan, in the early hours of the morning and registered a case with Islamabad police.

Imran Khan, in the past few days, had repeatedly attacked DG IB, Aftab Sultan, and had demanded his resignation. Khan had accused IB of wiretapping and surveillance of parliamentarians for blackmailing them and controlling them for Nawaz Sharif. This became an issue when media reported that DG IB has been meeting ex-PM Nawaz Sharif even after his disqualification and had visited him in London and Raiwind. Though PTI leaders have not formally blamed the government agencies, for theft of phones, privately this is what their suspicions are.