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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Thousands hit the streets to celebrate SC verdict on Punjab poll

The impressive visuals of thousands of people across Pakistan gathered for PTI's Youm-e-Tashakur and celebrating the Supreme Court verdict on Punjab polls are a testament to the nation's political awareness.

PTI workers and supporters came out in thousands to celebrate the Supreme Court verdict with their leader Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Following the major verdict where the Supreme Court declared null and void the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision to delay Punjab polls, PTI had announced Wednesday as “Youm-e-Tashakur” or “Gratitude Day” as the verdict was a victory for Imran Khan who has been campaigning for elections ever since he was ousted.

PTI had released a schedule for cities across Pakistan where the celebrations would take. Needless to say, all rallying points in the cities were swamped with people. Videos from last night showed huge crowds of people gathered and waiting for Imran Khan’s speech.

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PTI supporters were gathered holding party flags while some of them were wearing PTI-themed headbands and scarves. In Lahore, where the main gathering was held at Liberty Chowk, the people gathered despite the rain.

The impressive visuals of thousands of people across Pakistan celebrating the Supreme Court verdict on Punjab polls are proof of how a majority of the nation continues to support Imran Khan as he remains Pakistan’s most popular political leader.

Imran Khan also addressed the crowds celebrating Youm-e-Tashakur in a televised address. The speech was broadcasted from his Zaman Park residence through a satellite link on mega screens installed at 75 locations across the country, including in 13 cities of Punjab.

While addressing PTI’s Youm-e-Tashakur event, “We welcome the SC verdict [in the election delay case] because we are hearing towards the supremacy of law.”

Imran Khan said that the doctrine of necessity had been adopted to violate the Constitution in the past. He alleged that the ruling parties started propaganda against the families of the SC judges after the top court ordered them to hold elections in 90 days.

The PTI chief said that the government was bound to conduct elections in 90 days after the dissolution of the assembly in accordance with the Constitution.

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