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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Threats Compel Seema and Sachin to Disappear

The threats that the couple encountered have pushed them into hiding, seeking refuge from the dangers that engulfed their lives.

Seema and Sachin, a couple entangled in a cross-border love story, have been forced into hiding due to threats and legal challenges they face. Their journey, intricately woven with unconventional meeting places, religious conversion, and imminent dangers, captures attention.

Connected through PUBG

Seema, a married Pakistani woman, and Sachin, an Indian bachelor, first crossed paths in the virtual world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), a popular online multiplayer game. Through their shared passion for gaming, they developed a connection that transcended the digital realm and brought them closer together.

A Fateful Meeting in Nepal

Taking their relationship beyond the boundaries of the gaming world, Seema and Sachin arranged to meet in person in Nepal. The serendipitous encounter further solidified their bond, setting the stage for their love story to unfold. They then moved to India and started living together.


In a significant turn of events, Seema decided to convert to Hinduism, embracing Sachin’s religion. This religious conversion and her subsequent marriage to her lover marked a transformative step in their relationship, binding them together on a spiritual level. She has also converted her minor Muslim children to Hinduism.

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Seema‘s conversion to Hinduism drew the ire of certain individuals and communities. She became the target of threats and hostility, facing backlash from both Muslim groups who disapproved of her conversion and Hindu factions who suspected her motives. The escalating threats and intolerance became overwhelming, leading the couple to seek safety by going into hiding.

Seeking Refuge from Peril

Driven by the urgency of the threats they faced, Seema and Sachin made the difficult decision to hide from public view. They severed ties with their previous lives, isolating themselves from family, friends, and the societal pressures that endangered their well-being. Reports now claim that there whereabouts are unknown.