Three Punjab University professors declared world’s best researchers

“It is an honor not only for the University but also for Pakistan to have teachers from Punjab University among the top 2% researchers in the world," said VC Punjab University.

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The University of Stanford has included three professors of the Punjab University in its list of 2% of the world’s best researchers.

The list released by Stanford University includes Dr. Khalid Mahmood, Dean of Faculty of Management Sciences, Punjab University. The other two-Dr. Muhammad Sharif, Dean of Faculty of Science and Dr. Muhammad Akram, Department of Mathematics.

The Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University, Dr. Niaz Ahmed expressed delight at the news. “It is an honor not only for the University but also for Pakistan to have teachers from Punjab University among the top 2% researchers in the world.”

“Our efforts to improve international rankings are beginning to bear fruit,” he said. He further said that all the faculty members of all the departments are striving hard to bring the university up to the international standards. Initiatives are taken to improve the quality of education and enable students to showcase their talents globally.

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The spokesman of Punjab University asserted that the list included 160,000 researchers from all disciplines. The teachers of the Punjab University were selected in the list based on the thorough scrutiny of their research papers, reported the Independent Urdu.

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Dr. Mahmood while expressing his delight on the news said that it is of great honor for him and his colleagues to have their research papers selected among the millions of research articles competing from different parts of the world.

He further added that the leading American University has included the research papers of other 81 professors from various Pakistani universities in the list.

According to him”This will not only improve the quality of education in our universities but also research in line with global.

He further added that “being included in the list of global researchers will also improve the global ranking of our universities, so the teachers here have to improve their dissertations and research so that increase their participation in such awards.”


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