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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ticket prices of India-Pakistan ICC World Cup match soars to INR 50 lacs

Indian fans are upset regarding the jaw-dropping ticket prices of the India-Pakistan match at the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. The prices are as high as INR57 lacs, say Indian fans.

As the highly anticipated ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, cricket fans around the world are eagerly gearing up for the high-voltage clash between India and Pakistan. However, what’s capturing headlines and sparking outrage is the jaw-dropping prices of tickets for this epic showdown.

The frenzy surrounding this epic encounter was evident as primary ticket sales outlets reported a complete sellout within a mere one hour on two specific dates: August 29 and September 3. While this immense interest is expected for such a monumental event, it’s the secondary market for ticket sales that has left fans in disbelief.

In a shocking turn of events, tickets for the India-Pakistan match are commanding astronomical prices on the secondary market. For instance, a ticket in the South Premium East 3 section is currently listed at an astonishing ₹21 lakh on Viagogo, an online sports ticket platform. Even more staggering, only two tickets remain for the upper tier, providing an unobstructed view, and they are being sold for an eye-watering ₹57 lakh each.

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These exorbitant prices have triggered a storm of reactions on social media platforms. Fans and observers alike have expressed their disbelief and frustration at the soaring costs.

One user voiced their concerns by stating, “What is happening? World Cup tickets for India vs. Pakistan range from ₹65,000 to ₹4.5 lakh ‘per ticket’ on the Viagogo website! Daylight robbery from these corporations!”

Another user highlighted the steep costs, writing, “Tickets are available on Viagogo for the #INDvPAK World Cup match. Look at the prices.”

A third user shared their astonishment, saying, “Yesterday I saw a ticket for ₹15 lakh, and now it’s either sold out or else removed from the Viagogo app.”

It’s not just the marquee India-Pakistan clash that’s witnessing exorbitant ticket prices on the secondary market. Tickets for other India matches at various venues are also commanding staggering figures. For instance, tickets for the India vs. Australia match on Viagogo start at a mind-boggling ₹41,000 and can skyrocket to well over ₹3 lakh. Similarly, tickets for the India vs. England match are being sold at a hefty price of ₹2.3 lakh.

While the enthusiasm and anticipation for the India-Pakistan encounter are undeniable, these sky-high ticket prices have raised concerns about accessibility and affordability for passionate cricket fans. As the countdown to the ICC World Cup 2023 continues, the debate over ticket prices remains a topic of intense discussion and debate among cricket enthusiasts.